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Geographic Description

Geographic Description of the Waters of Rancocas Creek Watershed RCNWT Geo-Fact A j Port ourney City Camden West e influenced of Philadelphia’ s ‘ s Riverfront, t nters the D b y tides, 10 miles U he elaware Penn’ s R ancocas R iver. Landing C reek pstream and the flowing from Port from the of the The shaped entire 60 by 3 square NJ Pine mile Barren Rancocas headwater Creek watershed is a reas. F rom these, surface 3 distinct main headwater areas named t he North, the C reek. South West and the South Branch of the Rancocas 4 The in South-West Wharton beyond from b Knitted State B ranch (1) drains F orest. The M t. M isery (2) while t ogs found together on t he Joint he B these 3 creek N ase b West South orth M ranches from Branch headwaters extends B ranch (3) descends cGuire D ix connect L akehurst. a nd drain 2 3 Lumberton or South Branch Mt. Holly or North Branch the m forks The ain inside mostly navigable South stream R of t ancocas shallow channel Branch of he extend S R ancocas tate flowing the the P ark. R C reek (4) from ancocas Delaware Delaware runs into R iver. The River’ s b the tidal elow the Federal North reach and to Medford or SW Branch 1 M t. Holly a nd Lumberton, r espectively. 4/12/2018 Map from Crosswicks Creek Flood Report 1978 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 36

( 3) - N Branch Headwaters Area Entrance onto US DOD JB-MDL through waterbodies is prohibited by federal law Obliged and Credit for Photos to US DOD JB-MDL Entrance onto US DOD JB- MDL through waterbodies is prohibited by federal law US DOD JB-MDL does not endorse the Rancocas Creek National Water Trail 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 37

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