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Eco - Links 400 Hundred Years of Tidal Reach Rancocas Creek Commerce 1600’s to 1900’s Rancocas State Park, N. Branch Rancocas Creek C Colonization & D Canal Devonish Range Landing Traders Of Exploration the wet of woods, of the Delaware Farmers lapping River of waves; Coastal Shipping Of the mad pushes Delaware Bay of waves upon the land. W. Whitman Delaware River Harbor N. Delaware BranchRiver Rancocas Creek Devonish Range Towards DelawareMain Navigation B ay Channel Mt. Holly North Along Coastal NJ to New Amsterdam (NYC) to Rancocas Creek European Tidewater Ports South to Jamestown, Southern US Ports, the Caribbean, Cape Barbados, May Jamaica…

Rancocas Creek Communities are tied to America’s maritime by large quantities of locally produced commerce and agriculture trade shipped down the Rancocas to Delaware River Ports. Schooners plied between Mt. Holly and Lumberton to the Ports of Philadelphia and Camden. Rafts of logs for mills, coal and pig- iron for local foundries and machine shops all were carried on the Rancocas. Rancocas Port of Creek Maritime Camden Port of Camden Burlington Port Shipping on the Rancocas Creek began in the mid 1600’s and ended in the early part of the 1900’s. Early sailing vessels like shallop’s (late 1700’s ), hoy’s and then river- steamers services ran the Creek’s crooked , narrow, twisting tidal channel back and forth to the Delaware River Communities of Riverside, Delran and Delanco and than to the Ports of Philadelphia and Camden. Vessels and cargos then returned to Rancocas Creek local communities and regional market nodes. C & D Canal Port of Salem Port of 1616 Dutch Delaware River Yacht Thirty-eight feet over the keel, forty- four and a half from bow to stern, and eleven and a half feet wide. By Design, Shallow Draft. Popular vessel creek excursions to creek resorts from days past have evolved to today’s kayak, paddle- sport and multi- use recreation activity. RCNWT Geo-Fact 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 43

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