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Navigation on the

Navigation on the Rancocas First Ferry Across the Rancocas Creek: Bridgeboro in 1748 Chaise, Chair or sleigh, if drawn by 1 horse ... Toll of 9 pence (DeCou) Evolution: Indian Dugouts---the scow---shallops---sloops---snows---steamers---motor boats---kayaks 1823 Begins Steam Navigation of the Rancocas Mt. Holly and Rancocas Steamboat Company (1824) Rancoas Creek March 21, 1817 Sailing Shallop “Good Intent” One Deck-One Mast L ength: 52 feet – 8 inches Width: 18 feet 6 inches Dept: 4 feet W eight: 30 tons Ref: Decou Rancocas Creek Steamer Barclay 120 feet long. 24 feet wide. Mostly Produce-Lumber-Charcoal to the Philadelphia Port Market

State of NJ Legislative Navigation Acts from 1783 Rancocas or Ancocas Creek Type of early tidal creek dredge. Rancocas Creek Maritime Heritage RCNWT Geo-Fact “Vessel Ribs” “Barge Ribs”

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