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Rancocas State Park Rancocas Creek Headwaters a re in N and Since S Branch 1931 Medford Lakes Annual Canoe Festival FLORA SW Branch - White-Fringed Orchid SW Branch - Pine Barrens Tree Frog N Branch - Magnolia FLORA Yellow Asphodel N Branch Sundew N Branch FAUNA Rancocas Creek National Water Trail nomination Entrance onto US DOD JBMDL through waterbodies is prohibited by federal law FAUNA Advocacy for Public Purpose Pine Barrens Gentian S Branch Swamp Pink Hartshorne Mill Stream S Branch - Used w/ Permission Lady Slipper Gaunts Brook photos used w/ permissions and maybe otherwise retrieved from USDA plant list f lora and fauna poster prepared by rancocas pathways, inc.

Pemberton/New Mills/New Lisbon 4/12/2018 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination 65

Water Trail
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