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South Branch Lumberton

South Branch Lumberton Branch of the Rancocas Remarkable Scenic Attributes Pine Barrens Festivals and Frog-Tow n Creek Mill Race - Mt. Holly Oxbow N Branch Prepared 4 the RCNWT Nomination

Non- Tidal South Branch South Branch, Rancocas High Tide Creek Rancocas Creek-Tidewaters Hainesport - Tidewaters Kirby’s Mill, Medford South Branch (Tidal) Since 1931 Medford Lakes Annual Canoe Festival Southampton - “Wild n Wooley” Lumberton South Branch South Branch Ref: Medford Calendar Hear the Tide; Entrance onto US DOD JBMDL through waterbodies is prohibited by federal law Share the Ride ! South Branch Canoe Trail, Medford Advocacy for Public Purpose Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Below Mt. Holly, Tidal Wishbone Paddle Trail Established, Public Launches North Branch

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