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ef: frank leslies weekly

ef: frank leslies weekly newspaper 9-1- 1866 NEW JERSEY MARL PITS. THE advantages of marl as a fertilizer have been greatly overlooked in this country until within a very recent period. With our immense territory of rich soil in the new States, we had little care to improve lands worn out with long cultivation, and so neglected the means of maintaining the fertility of our farms, although they were often quite available. Of late years it has been found more advantageous to make lands adjacent to market as productive as possible, and immense sums have been expended for the various appliances which subserve that end. Among these, marl occupies a prominent place. It is found in almost inexhaustible quantities in many parts of the country, and can be profitably applied to almost any soil. The lower portions of New Jersey contain immense quantities of marl, and our illustration shows the manner of digging and sending it from the pits. It is easily cut out, and is thrown directly into the cars, which stand on convenient tracks, by which it is taken wherever it is needed. By its use lands that were quite barren have been made to produce liberally, rewarding amply the labor a nd money expended upon them. 4 Rancocas Creek National Water Trail Nomination RCNWT Geo-Fact

S Branch Hydrosaur Dinosaurs, Mosasaurs and Ocean Lizards Cretaceous Period of Mesozic Era RCNWT Geo-Fact the Mosasaurus Teeth Collected Lumberton, NJ December 8, 1877 Academy of Natural Sciences Prionochelys 144 million years ago - Early Cretaceous Period Rancocas Creek Back in the Day Their Past Speaks to the Present and Our Future Rancocas Creek Halisaurus 4/12/2018 77

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