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C. Relevance I have

C. Relevance I have thought about career of entrepreneur. Different platforms will be then really relevant for my career. Blockchains are relevant to my studies since they can be used in mobile networks. It also helped me to form a bigger picture of all of these different virtual currencies. 6

Lecture 5 on 10.10.2017, 10-12, AS2: Computers in Scientific Research Computers in Scientific Research Today we had a lecture where we talked about computers and how they are used in research. The point I guess was to show how powerful our home computers are since we can proof decades’ old conjecture whether they are true or false. A. Lesson learned First, we looked Euler's conjecture from 1769: a 5 + b 5 + c 5 + d 5 ≠ e 5 We tried to see if Euler was wrong or not. We wrote a code which proofed that actually he was wrong. We were able to show that a small laptop can do much more much faster than a human brain. I can only image how hard it would be to proof this with only using own brain. How on earth these were calculated before computers were invented? The second thing what we looked was a Latin square. The idea was just to show how much computational power our computers have since it was really heavy calculation for human brain. Everyday life is full of calculations which can be calculated faster with computer. Computers have changed our life since we can concentrate on more important things and let computers do the hard and complex calculations. For example, we are able to forecast to the future by making different and complex calculations which are solved by a computer. I am not sure if I learnt anything new from this lecture. Yes, it was nice to see different conjectures and how to solve them with computers, but it was nothing special. The lecturer’s programming skill and speed was only thing that impressed me but lecture itself was nothing new for me. However, the lecture made me to think that how powerful our computers will be in the future. B. Problems and open issues I did not have any problems or open issues. Maybe the code which lecturer was writing was little bit hard to understand since he was so fast. However, I understood what he was doing and what the code was doing. I also understood which was the point of this lecture: to show how powerful and fast our computers are. It would have been little bit longer but the idea of the lecture was clear. 7