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3 home activities for preschoolers

3 home activities for

3 Home Activities for Preschoolers 1. DRAWING ON A LOOOONNG ROLL OF PAPER Recommended: IKEA (MALA Drawing Paper Roll) at $9.90 There's just greater excitement and novelty in rolling out a long strip of paper and sitting on the ground to doodle, as opposed to drawing and colouring at the desk on a A4 size paper. My children enjoy walking around on both sides of the paper and drawing long and huge pictures. The biggest advantage is there is more than enough space for everyone to occupy a spot and unleash their creativity, without having to jostle. It also makes it more fun when they have to move around the strip of paper to do their drawing and get their colouring equipment instead of being confined to the desk. They are also very amused when we roll out the paper and see how much drawing they have done over several sittings. We've already had over 4 hours of fun with this and only less than 1/3 of the paper has been used up. Mahjong paper would also be a good alternative. I enjoy doing this activity because I like to doodle as well. More importantly, it can keep my boys occupied for up to an hour without much physical exertion. Even my 1 year old enjoys it!

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