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What Are The Different Types Of Spiral Wound Gaskets Used? - Trim Engineering Services

Spiral wound gaskets are one of the best kinds of gaskets used for sealing applications in high pressure and high temperature conditions. Here is all you would like to know about them – the materials, applications, and types. Read more @

atings. Moreover, these

atings. Moreover, these gaskets are highly resilient and flexible, which help the seal to recover and maintain itself under variable working conditions. These properties have helped in using such gaskets for a variety of applications like valves, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, pipelines, towers, power generation industries, ships, and manholes and hand-holes. What are the different types of spiral wound gaskets available? There are many different kinds of spiral wound gaskets available, some of the most commonly used ones as below. Type R – These gaskets have their inner and outer diameters reinforced with only metal without any filler material, thus providing greater stability and better compression. They are used in tongue and groove, male and female, and grooved to flat face flange assemblies. Type RIR – These gaskets have a solid inner metal ring as a compression stop to fill the annular space between the flange bore and inner diameter. This prevents accumulation of solids, minimizes flange face erosion, and reduces process fluids turbulent flow of process fluids. These gaskets are suitable for male and female pipe flanges. Type CG – These gaskets have an external ring that centers gaskets on flange face for more radial strength, and acts as a compression stop to prevent gasket blowout. They are used for both flat face and raised face flanges. Type CGI – These gaskets are CG styled gaskets fitted with an internal ring that provides additional compression limiting stop, while providing a heat and corrosion barrier, thus preventing flange erosion. They are suitable for use in both flat and raised face flanges, where corrosive and toxic media are present. Type CG-RJ – These gaskets are CG types with an outer ring that covers ring joint grooves and prevents the spiral wound portion from entering the groove. They are used only as a maintenance repair item. Type HE – These gaskets are spiral wound on the outer portion, and are single or double jacketed for pass bar, fastened to the ID of the spiral wound portion. The HE stands for Heat Exchanger. Type HE-CG – These gaskets are Heat Exchangers with an outer guide ring and spiral wound primary seal. The outer ring acts as a centering guide and provides adiitonal radial strength to prevent gasket blowout. It acts as a compression stop, and has excellent resiliency and sealing quality. Type 625 – These gaskets are similar to the basic R-type gaskets with the thickness being 0.0625”. They are used for high pressure sealing in space restricted applications.

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