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Class of 2018 - Senior Thesis Schedule with Abstracts

Class of 2018 - Senior Thesis Schedule with

MONDAY – April 16, 2018 8:20 am – Matthew Young The Sound of Music 2018 Trinity Academy Senior Theses Abstracts In his senior thesis, Matthew Young will be exploring the impact of music on the human person, addressing its influence in the three parts of the soul as described by the Greek philosopher Plato. He will then use this evidence to argue that music is the most influential form of art. 9:00 am – Piper Finley Hope in the Brothels In her thesis, Piper Finley will examine child trafficking in the US today. Although many see child trafficking as a global issue, she will show that it is a pressing concern that is damaging society in the US. 10:10 am – Sarah Catherine Jeffries Prenatal Causes of Autism Sarah Catherine Jeffries will be sharing her thesis on potential causes of autism. She will dismiss Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s unfounded claim that vaccines cause autism, and present research on several prenatal causes of autism that are both more logical and scientifically accepted. She is presenting her thesis in loving memory of her uncle, Kalon Jeffries. 10:50 am – Britney Klein Cars: The Great Equalizer Britney Klein will be assessing the positive effects of automobiles on American society throughout history as they enhance the nation’s democratic ideals. She will argue that the automobile has increased the equality of opportunity for women, lower and middle classes, and minorities. 11:30 am – Michael Gardo The Six Million Dollar Man Michael Gardo will be speaking about the newly developing technology of bionic implants. He will argue that bionic implants should continue to be developed because of the widespread and unprecedented benefits they bring to society.

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