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Class of 2018 - Senior Thesis Schedule with Abstracts

TUESDAY – April 17,

TUESDAY – April 17, 2018 1:40 pm – Lela Karlawish Bitcoin’s Benefits Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the world’s top Bitcoin experts, defines Bitcoin as “a currency created for the use of peer-to-peer online transactions.” Lela Karlawish will be presenting on why Bitcoin is beneficial to society. She will be arguing that Bitcoin is an efficient fiscal system that can positively change the economics of the world. 2:20 – Alex Casey Fear or Love In Alex Casey’s thesis he will be discussing Niccolo Machiavelli’s political theory on leading through fear instead of love. He will be arguing that fear-based leadership is stronger from an effectiveness standpoint. He will share historical examples of fear-based leaders who were proficient leaders and challenge the audience to glean from their examples. WEDNESDAY – April 18, 2018 9:30 am – Joseph Maurais Comfort and Cowardice Joe Maurais will be presenting his thesis about the relationship between American extravagance and Christianity. He will be discussing comfort, wealth, idols, discipleship, the poor, and camels. 9:40 am – Ashley Badin The Effects of Fashion Ashley Badin will be presenting her thesis on the effects of fashion. Are clothing choices significant? Is fashion more than a shallow endeavor? Ms. Badin will address the importance of fashion to humanity and to the individual.

10:50 am – Brown Horton Brexit: Stay or Leave Brown Horton will be examining Brexit and the deleterious effects of this decision on Great Britain’s economics, both present and long term. He will address the implications of this drastic decision and the deleterious effects between Great Britain and the European Union. 11:30 am – Victoria Kern The Lost Love of Learning In her thesis, Victoria Kern will be discussing the reasons why today’s high school students no longer seem to enjoy learning. One common factor in the lives of the majority of high school students is the presence of acute stress, which is detrimental to their learning experience. This thesis will demonstrate the connection between educational stress in high schools and the demotivation of learning. THURSDAY – April 19, 2018 1:00 pm – Alex Price The Digitization of Music Alex Price will be presenting on the negative effects of the digitization of music on the music industry. He will examine the misuses of digital music development and distribution and the deleterious effects produced for artists and ultimately consumers. 1:40 pm – Alec Hepting Education Versus Athletics in Universities In his senior thesis, Alec Hepting will be addressing the negative effects of athletics in universities. Alec will focus primarily on Division One sports, and how they fundamentally detract from the original mission of higher education. 2:20 pm – Era Ji Will AI Replace Humans in the Workplace? In Era Ji’s thesis, she will be discussing Artificial Intelligence in the workplace. Will AI pose a significant threat to employment viability for humanity? She will address important human traits not possessed by AI that are crucial elements in the workplace.

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