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RUST magazine: RUST#35

TIGER FEET – RUST spends three days traipsing through mud and gloop in Wales to establish the dirt credentials of Triumph’s new 2018 Tigers SUSPENSION SMARTS – Top US suspension tuner Alan Stillwell starts his regular rider-help column (with tyres?!) SET SAIL – when the road ends, it’s that or fly. July Behl floats his away across the Darien Gap A FOOT SOLDIER’S TALE – Rick Kemp investigates the life of the TRF regulars… plus, of course, lots more We’ll blame the weather. Oh yes, it’s lovely right now, but when we had those bikes in the van, when we were sat at the airport waiting to flyaway for five days on the Iberian trails, what was it like then? A white out. So many frustrated plans... Still, somehow we did get three days in, skidding around in the dirt on the latest Triumph Tigers to lift our mood and raise our appreciation of these fine adventure bikes. So while this issue is – as South Eastern Trains might say – a little delayed, it is nonetheless in many parts glorious. Made with love and in the spirit of sharing. As ever, wishing you happy riding and reading. Jon Bentman (Editor, RUST)

TRAIL Chris Evans

TRAIL Chris Evans CLUTCHING AT ONE’S BALLS With winter’s grip reluctant to let go, our man in France, Chris Evans, has converted bike time into workshop time, and after a few rollercoaster moments mostly this has led to some considerable betterment for two of his steeds … It’s not something I suffer from often, but after reading JB’s latest words about his Honda trials bike I felt a little bit guilty. For those of you who don’t read the mag from cover to cover, he recounted a telephone conversation we’d had where I said that I couldn’t just put a bike back together without paying attention to the cosmetics. I mean here’s a bloke who’s trying to juggle a family, a magazine, a budget and a ruin of a motorcycle and I was just unnecessarily adding to the pressure. Not only did I feel guilty but also a bit of a hypocrite. Cos I too have a couple of trials bikes quietly rotting away in my workshop that are far from pristine. The 200 Fantic doesn’t run at all (no spark, not much of a carb), while the Montesa 315 just gets used for ‘walking’ the dog and doesn’t get a whole lot of love in between… Obviously I wasn’t going to assuage my guilt by sorting out the Fantic – way too much work. The Montesa was however a reasonable proposition. So after getting a reply to a question I posted on the Montesa 315 Facebook page (no doubt inadvertently helping some extreme right wing politician to get elected in the process) I ordered some red ‘Montesa’ stickers to run down the side of the ally frame beam. When they arrived by post I was relieved to discover they were of the highest quality and looked an absolute treat on the bike. Just after I’d stuck them on I went back to the computer to check the year of my bike (1999) and it was then that I realised that the stickers I ordered weren’t actually age appropriate. Given that pretty much nothing that I do is age appropriate I’m not going to lose any sleep over it – especially as the correct year stickers aren’t nearly as pretty. While I had the bike in hand I tightened up the headrace bearings, sandblasted and repainted the front brake hose bracket and failed to repair the side-stand – it needs a blob of weld to stop it leaning over too far and I don’t have a welder… yet. And then I took the dog for a walk. The very next day I was back in workshop with the slightly daunting task of fitting a Rekluse clutch to my Yamaha 26

Chris Evans 27

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