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RUST magazine: RUST#35

TIGER FEET – RUST spends three days traipsing through mud and gloop in Wales to establish the dirt credentials of Triumph’s new 2018 Tigers SUSPENSION SMARTS – Top US suspension tuner Alan Stillwell starts his regular rider-help column (with tyres?!) SET SAIL – when the road ends, it’s that or fly. July Behl floats his away across the Darien Gap A FOOT SOLDIER’S TALE – Rick Kemp investigates the life of the TRF regulars… plus, of course, lots more We’ll blame the weather. Oh yes, it’s lovely right now, but when we had those bikes in the van, when we were sat at the airport waiting to flyaway for five days on the Iberian trails, what was it like then? A white out. So many frustrated plans... Still, somehow we did get three days in, skidding around in the dirt on the latest Triumph Tigers to lift our mood and raise our appreciation of these fine adventure bikes. So while this issue is – as South Eastern Trains might say – a little delayed, it is nonetheless in many parts glorious. Made with love and in the spirit of sharing. As ever, wishing you happy riding and reading. Jon Bentman (Editor, RUST)

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Mercedes Sprinter 314CDI WORK HORSE Mercedes Sprinter 314CDI Van (Medium - High Roof) words: Alex Waters images: Jon Bentman There is a reason Mercedes’ Sprinter panel van is seen everywhere every day – it’s because it does the job, no fuss. With big adventure bikes and multiple enduros to take cross-country it was the ideal choice for our latest mission… With a multi-bike test at two different venues on the horizon down in Wales, RUST once again called on the kind people at Mercedes Benz Vans UK and grovelled for a van with the capacity to lug around multiple bikes and associated kit. Meeting up with editor JB in West London it was lucky we were given a Sprinter as he had packed enough gear to survive a week in the Antarctic (which proved precipitous) – plus an optimistic tent balanced on top of his camera and riding gear. The tent didn’t seem like such a silly idea as we collected the first bike at sunny Silverstone, both in T-shirts – it seemed like Spring had finally arrived… Heading on down to Wales all seemed well, cruising down the M42 gave us a bit of time to assess the Sprinter. It has earned the reputation of a trusty workhorse since its 2006 debut and this latest – and last of – the Mk2 version although fairly low-specced inside had everything we needed for our weekend. With a box-fresh 200 miles on the clock the gearbox was still a little tight but an hour of stop-start in London traffic and a good run on the motorway was starting to loosen it up nicely. Like the Vito Sport we tested back in RUST #32 there is a definite bias of controls to the left of the wheel with the indicators and windscreen wipers both working w 55

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