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Trinity Academy Proudly Presents - Night of the Arts 2018

“Aunt Rhodie’s

“Aunt Rhodie’s Appetite” is a unique performance combining string players, actors, and a narrator. They play beautifully and provide delightful entertainment. The three strings players are all a part of the new Lower School String Ensemble, run by our own Sara Maria Blanton. Caleb Smith plays the cello, taking lessons from Sara Blanton. He is in second grade this year, and enjoys spending time with his friends. Isaac Smith has been playing violin for two years, also taking from Mrs. Blanton. He is in Mrs. Scrudato’s fifth grade class, and he enjoys reading, playing with siblings, and playing board games. Isaac’s favorite scripture verse is Ephesians 1:5. Webb Foster will be narrating the performance of “Aunt Rhodie’s Appetite” tonight. He is a fifth-grader in Mrs. Scrudato’s class, and enjoys playing with friends, watching and playing sports. Harry Potter is his favorite book series. Reynolds Garnas is in the fifth grade. He loves basketball, drama, drums, piano, and stop motion animation. His favorite verse is Philippians 4:13. He manages the middle school cross country team and plays on the basketball team. Caleb Jackson loves music, singing and playing the double bass. He is part of the Lower School String Ensemble and is excited to play in NOTA this year. Sara Sevarino is a fifth-grader who will be appearing tonight in “Aunt Rhodie’s Appetite” as an actress. She loves getting to spend time with her friends. Sara has been in Children’s Chorus for three years. Ethan Woodard is a fifth-grader in Mrs. Smith’s class. He is acting in the theatrical part of “Aunt Rhodie’s Appetite” along with the string ensemble. He loves music and playing with his friends. Mary Kate Ayers will be back on the Trinity stage tonight with her guitar, performing Chris Tomlin’s “Good, Good Father.” In the eighth grade, Mary Kate is on the tennis team. She loves playing guitar, enjoying Bible Study with the girls, going shopping, eating queso and spending time with friends and family, preferably at the beach.

Abigail Ashley is a performer familiar with the NOTA stage, having appeared every year from 2013 on. This fifth-grade student in Mrs. Smith’s class plays both violin and piano. She has studied piano for four years, taking from Vivian Adams, and has studied violin with Margaret Garriss for over six years. Besides her many musical endeavors, Abigail’s hobbies include reading, basketball, and calligraphy. Hannah Ashley has been taking piano lessons for eight months from Ms. Adams but has studied violin under the tutelage of Ms. Garriss for over five years. Second-grade Hannah has played at NOTA since 2016, as a duet and solo performer. An avid reader, tonight she will be playing both violin and piano. Lilly Bennett is a singer, swimmer, and ukulele player. She is in seventh grade and has performed at NOTA the last two years. One of her favorite memories at Trinity is playing Ranieri Ball in Mr. Ranieri’s class. Lilly’s favorite scripture is Psalm 23, and tonight she will be singing “Lost Boy” by Ruth Berhe. Cantus is an auditioned men’s ensemble from the High School Concert Choir. Eric Conger (10th), David Curlin (11th), Alex Hibbs (10th), Josh Nelson (11th), Josh Owen (11th), and Cameron Price (11th) love to sing, especially getting the chance to sing independent harmonies and acapella music. Emmi Carnathan has been playing piano for two years, taking lessons from Debbie Brondyke. She loves gymnastics - Emmi loves to bounce and flip! She also enjoys water skiing and snow skiing. When she is not moving, she enjoys being creative, making arts and crafts. Daisy Carnathan is in Mrs. Talley’s fourth grade class. She enjoys reading, biking, playing with friends, snow skiing and water skiing. Tonight, she will be showcasing her piano skills with her sister. Daisy has been taking lessons from Ms. Brondyke for four years. She loves to read, and is currently reading through the Bible in one year. Chris Caruso is a senior this year and a talented musician who enjoys guitar, piano and singing. He has been a part of the High School Concert Choir all four years of high school, now as the tenor section leader. Chris is a J.R.R. Tolkien fan and will be missed next year at Trinity!

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