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Inside this fortnight... cover pic: Samir Hussein/Getty Images Real life 9 Animal Magic 12 ‘I’m carrying out Anthony’s mission’ 16 A Minister for Loneliness 19 The Keep Me Posted campaign 20 Why not try… scuba diving? 22 An emporium of nostalgia 24 ‘Crafting helped me recover’ 26 Helping hedgehogs survive 28 The healing power of gardening Star chat 10 Cover Royal baby No. 3! 14 Cover Kathleen Turner 31 Kid Jensen: ‘We are strong together’ 146 Alesha Dixon Your best life now! 36 Cover Garden-inspired beauty 38 Cover Fashion: rainy-day buys 40 Cover Be stronger in 15 minutes 44 Cover Spot signs of a stroke 46 Snack happy! Good to know 66 Cover Live well for less 68 Yours Retirement Services 75 Your questions, our solutions! 76 The rise of the Instagran… 79 Watching the pennies Nostalgia 56 A tin bath by the fire… 59 Brownies and Crackerjack! Leisure time 89 Cover Easy one-pan meals 93 Ways with chocolate… 97 Cover James Martin’s recipe 98 Simple sewing projects 103 Knit and embroider a purse 104 Part 2: wildlife in the garden 109 48 hours in Ludlow 110 Take a trip to Amsterdam 113 Visit the Cuckoo Fair 114 Yours Travel Club Your favourites 49 Meeting Place 60 Roy Hudd 85 Friends of Yours 118 Carers in touch 127 Cover Puzzles & prizes to win 130 Cover Free lilac scarf 137 Short story: Pleasing Pamela… 145 Horoscopes £6,069 of prizes to win 40 130 46 Strengthbuilding exercises Send for a free scarf Snack wisely with Yours! website Find us at 44 Be stroke savvy and save lives How would you like to be £9,000 richer this time next year? In our five-page Live Well for Less special we’ve collected together all sorts of tips and tricks to help you save money on everything from haircuts to household bills. Individually they’re small tweaks but together the savings really add up. Turn to page 66 now. Another feature focused on small changes that make a big difference is our 15 Minutes to Better Health series. In the latest instalment (p40) discover how doing two-minute tone-ups every time you make a cuppa will leave you feeling stronger and healthier in no time. We also meet someone who is passionate about protecting hedgehogs (p26) and volunteers at a garden project supporting people with disabilities (p28). Kid Jensen opens up about his Parkinson’s diagnosis (p31) and Hollywood’s Kathleen Turner (p14) tells us why she’s making her singing debut aged 63. See you next issue Keep in touch... We want to hear your news and views Write to Yours magazine, Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Peterborough PE2 6EA Email Welcome ... Facebook Yoursmagazine Sharon Reid, Editor Subscription query? Call 01858 43 8884 or email Advertising query? Angela Whenman is here to help if you have a query with an advert or offer in Yours. Call 01733 468444 (Mon, Wed, Fri, 9-1pm, or leave a message at other times). For other queries call 01733 468000. newsletter Sign up now at 110 YOURS DIGITAL EDITION Find us at Fall in love with Amsterdam Live well for less! p66 35 98 Twiggy’s M&S collection Craft: sew simple! Visit our website Win £100! Find Sammy Squirrel… For how to join the search see page 127 Get Yours for just £1 …only when you subscribe See page 52

good to know Simple advice on money + home + family + shopping + trends Why it’s good to Did you know that picking up your knitting needles could improve both your physical and mental health? Here’s how… It’ll improve your mood Mastering the techniques, completing a project and making something completely from scratch provides a real sense of achievement. It’s also proven to be an excellent calming technique and you may find that just half an hour of knitting a day can help reduce stress and anxiety. It boosts brain power Adding up stitches and rows and figuring out new patterns can stimulate many different areas of the brain – including memory function, attention span, creativity and problem-solving. This will keep your mind super sharp and help protect your brain against the effects of ageing. It can help to ease pain The repetitive movements required to carry out a knitting pattern release a calming chemical called serotonin – which can lift your mood and dull pain. Knitting itself also requires a good level of concentration so you’re likely to be distracted by what you’re doing and may not notice any mild feelings of discomfort or pain. YOURS n EVERY FORTNIGHT 65 PICS: shutterstock

Country Walking – the first ever issue, April/May 1987