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France Cards and Payments Market (2)


France cards and payments market French cards and payment market is majorly dominated by the cash transactions, which are estimated to see a downfall sooner with the emerging alternate payment options and customer preferences for the use of payment cards at retail and online stores. The conquered penetration of smartphones and internet allows the youth rich France markets to choose online or mobile wallets and payment cards for their transactions in the years to come.

France Cards And Payments Market Following are some of the most popular alternate payment options available in France markets: Orange Cash – a prepaid NFC based m-payment option launched in October 2015 by Orange France in association with Wirecard. More than 30,000 retailers accept this contactless payment service that is based on a digital Visa card authorized by Wirecard Card Solutions. Bango – a London based m-payments and analytics company allowing users to pay for their digital goods and services via the Facebook mobile website in association with Orange France since November 2012. Paylib – an online payment solution launched by Société Générale, BNP Paribas and La Banque Postale in September 2013 that allows users to pay using either of the two methods – Paylib mobile app or SMS code. E-Carte Blue – virtual card service offered by banks in France for e-commerce purchases, allowing customers to have an extended unique number on the payment cards supported by e-Carte Blue service software. Hype – digital wallet offered by Hi-Media Payments, enabling customers to pay for the transactions with entering their card details every time by creating a hype account and charges 1% up to EUR 0.5 for every transaction. SlimPay – an online payment solution and an authorized European payment institution accredited by the French Prudential and Resolution Supervisory Authority introduced by SlimPay S.A. It offers free services by allowing customers to pay from their bank accounts using some access code. Moneo – an e-wallet developed and introduced by the consortium of BPCE, Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Crédit Mutuel, HSBC France and Banque Postale, along with public transportation and telecom companies in 1999 with a limit of EUR 100. It allows uploading money to card from customer’s bank account during any transaction. There are many other payment options like Seqr, MasterPass, Starbucks mobile wallet, etc. that serves the customers by providing a hassle-free payment option and promoting the payments industry in France.

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