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Going Green – Experiencing the Ecomobile Lifestyle

ISBN 978-3-86859-512-3

Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note Transforming an old town quarter into an ecomobile “ neighborhood for one month! The City of Kaohsiung decided to take up the challenge and work with the community of Hamasen on a month-long demonstration of an ecomobile lifestyle—framed as EcoMobility World Festival 2017. As initiator of the ecomobility festivals I was pleased to advise the city on concept and strategy for the preparation and implementation of the ecomobility month. As Creative Director of the ecomobility festivals series I had the privilege of experiencing all elements of the monthlong event through participatory observation. As the editor of this publication I had the pleasure to relive the festival when reviewing reports, interviews, articles and thousands of photos… The festival team of Kaohsiung’s Transportation Bureau led by Director-General Ching-Fu Jeff Chen has earned my particular respect for having taken up and tackled a multitude of ideas, requirements, expectations, and wishes, and delivered an impressive, month-long demonstration of a neighborhood trying an ecomobile lifestyle. I have enjoyed working with Chinghui Liao of the ICLEI Kaohsiung Capacity Center as co-editor and senior advisor to this book project, link to the city team, and door opener to local residents; urban planner, author and columnist Bingyu Chiu as co-author; renowned international photographer Henry Westheim and Taiwanese photographer Frank Chen as photographers; Sting Yang as documentary film maker; Beatrice Ch’ng as key link to ICLEI’s ecomobility program team; Tobias Kuttler and Theresa Zimmermann who had already been part of the documentary teams of the ecomobility festivals in Suwon and Johannesburg as interviewers and writers; Raimund Tauss who designed the magazine; and the team of JOVIS publishers who finally made a publication out of all that we prepared. Thank you to all of you! ” Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Editor “ Authors’ Note The third EcoMobility World Festival in Kaohsiung, the leading port city on Taiwan, in October 2017 was not just a repetition of previous such events. The unique position of the historical quarter Hamasen and the professional knowledge, local experience and fantastic creativity of the festival team of the Kaohsiung Transportation Bureau gave the event the special Kaohsiung touch that tens of thousands of visitors so much enjoyed, while the ecomobility team of the international network of green cities, ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, saw to the international flavor and outreach. The month-long happening was so lively, colorful, multifaceted and inspiring that we felt only a magazine-style report would do justice to both, the success of the festival and our task of reporting it. This magazine shares with you, the esteemed reader, the amazing features of the Kaohsiung ecomobility month, lets the key actors speak, and puts seven citizens into the spotlight as they experience the ecomobile lifestyle. Enjoy perusing this magazine and if you feel like instigating an ecomobility month in your own town, just go ahead! ” Bingyu Chiu and Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Authors

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