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Going Green – Experiencing the Ecomobile Lifestyle

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The Change Mastering

The Change Mastering the Challenges By Ching-Fu Jeff Chen Ching-Fu Jeff Chen, Director-General of the Kaohsiung City Government’s Transportation Bureau, explaining proposed solutions to Mayor Chu Chen and other city officials Aafter Kaohsiung was announced as host of the Eco- Mobility World Festival 2017 and Hamasen selected as the demonstration neighborhood in 2015, the city held over 110 working meetings with local community leaders and city bureaus to prepare for the month-long event. The festival, jointly organized by the City of Kaohsiung and ICLEI, began with an opening ceremony on 1 October and ended successfully on 31 October. The EcoMobility World Congress attracted representatives from more than 50 cities, 23 mayors, and 1,200 attendees from all over the world to deliberate ways of implementing “livable, shared and smart mobility” as well as to discuss sustainable transport policies and practices. During the festival we also drew up “The Kaohsiung strategies for the future of urban mobility” with representatives from other countries and shared the operational frameworks for ecomobile and sustainable cities. The Environmental Education and Low Carbon Transportation Exhibition took place concurrently with the festival. More than 50 business partners provided a variety of advanced, low-carbon ecomobile vehicles, including an autonomous electric minibus, electric buses, a light rail system, and electric tricycles, allowing the public to visit an ecomobile demonstration site and experience advanced low-carbon transport services. Throughout the month, we also arranged over 150 cultural performances that attracted more than 300,000 visitors to Hamasen. The demonstration neighborhood saw more than 350 community visits, which gave the visitors a thorough understanding of the transformation of the quarter through, for example, a community parking spaces plan, landscaping of abandoned plots, creative street art paintings, streetscape improvements and alley redesign. It was an unprecedented challenge and test for Kaohsiung to host this festival. We did not only have to organize the EcoMobility World Congress and Exhibition, but—most importantly— we had to transform the Hamasen neighborhood into an ecomobility demonstration area that enabled locals and international visitors to experience a community built on ecomobility. We promoted 3D targets (Decarbonization; Downsizing vehicles; Decrease in speed) and offered 5F: five free supporting ecomobile services (Free parking lots outside neighborhood; Free shuttle buses; Free e-tickets for public transport; Free community logistics services; Free ecomobile vehicles rental), to the residents of the demonstration area in order to encourage them to go ecomobile rather than using private petrol vehicles. These services were widely recognized by community residents. Up to 85 percent of parking spaces in the quarter were counted as unused during the festival. This reflects the responses and support of the residents. After this festival, Hamasen has become one of the most ecomobile communities in Taiwan. It embraces MRT, LRT, ferry, electric bus, shared electric car, shared electric scooter and shared bicycle programs. To achieve the goals of the festival, the city government mobilized 22 city bureaus to engage in the community retrofit project in order to improve the living environment of the community, introduce multi modal public transport, increase green belt areas, and renovate the neighborhood. More importantly, over 70 local communication events were held between the city government and the local residents during the months leading up to the festival. From opposition to support, we had over 1,793 local ambassadors volunteering to help us promoting the festival. We are grateful for the dedication of and support from the Hamasen residents. Our success wouldn’t have been possible without their support and participation. In the future, we will bring the “Hamasen Restoration Project” into the community and continue to promote the neighborhood reconstruction project. The EcoMobility World Festival is not the end. Kaohsiung will build upon this experience and continue to promote ecomobility governance and policy to the whole city, building a people-oriented, ecologically sustainable and energysaving urban transport environment, which will transform Kaohsiung into a “livable, shared, and intelligent” city. From Kaohsiung to Taiwan, then to the world, the festival will link us up with the world and ecomobility will allow us to keep pace with the globe! • 8

The Festival EcoMobility World Festival 2017 opening On Sunday, 1 October 2017 the long-awaited festival took off with a ceremony in the presence of Mayor Chu Chen, followed by a public parade through the Hamasen neighborhood. Hundreds of guests from all over the world, national and local dignitaries as well as Kaohsiung citizens, witnessed the transformation of Hamasen into an ecomobile demonstration area. s Declaring the festival open: Kaohsiung Mayor Chu Chen (center) and celebrities on a street stage in Hamasen Abandoning the black limousine: Celebrities enjoying an eco mobile ride with an electric velotaxi s 9