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Going Green – Experiencing the Ecomobile Lifestyle

ISBN 978-3-86859-512-3

Three jobs, two family

Three jobs, two family roles, one motorbike Every morning Ms. Wang brings her granddaughter Le-le to the neighborhood’s only elementary school, 300 meters from their home, by motorbike. They have to arrive at school by seven thirty before the school gates close. Having finished her morning duty as a grandmother, Ms. Wang heads for the local market, somewhere in-between the school and her home, to buy groceries (mostly fruits and vegetables) and fulfill that of a housewife. She almost never leaves the motorbike, but rides the vehicle through the crowds in the market, like most locals do when they visit the market by motorbike. It is best to begin selling hats before the sun becomes blisteringly hot. Ms. Wang returns home to push the showcase of hats out of her home to the street around eight thirty and assume her third job: that of a vendor. In the afternoon she heads to her work as assistant at a local clinic. She commutes there by motorbike every day in the afternoon and works from two untill six o’clock, except on Thursdays and Sundays. Le-le’s school ends before Ms. Wang finishes her work at the clinic and so she attends a cram school, a minute’s walk from her home. The girl looks forward to her daily reunion with her grandma, coming directly from the clinic at roughly quarter past six, followed by a brief supper back home. After supper, the pair travels by motorbike to a community center outside Hamasen, which lies eleven kilometers away from her home and is not conveniently served by metro or buses, for their favorite daily pastime: the karaoke get-together, taking place from seven to eight thirty. 16

Going Green Readjusting to an electric scooter Bicycles or electric scooters were provided for rental, free of charge, to residents of Hamasen by the municipal authorities during the festival. Thus Ms. Wang enjoyed her first electric scooter experience ever. It took some time for her to get familiar with a Gogoro electric scooter. Ms. Wang obviously liked her bright yellow, newly rented vehicle. When asked whether she will consider buying one herself, she replied humbly: “It’s too high-class for me.” Maybe she would be inclined to go electric once she learns about the e-scooter’s actual affordability through public subsidies. She might also consider the reduced risks of her cherished passenger getting burnt on the right leg by a heated exhaust pipe, which won’t occur on an electric scooter. • 17