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Mediworld 07th MAR-APR Final Draft for Print

Contents 06-Cover Story

Contents 06-Cover Story Healthy outlook for GCC healthcare industry 10-Feature Non-grid bedside chest imaging 14-Feature Osso VR validates Virtual Reality training platform For the latest News & Updates visit:

March-April 2018 Medical Destination 18-Asia's major medical tourism hub: Thailand 22-27 News & Updates 28-Forbes Middle East hosts its first healthcare event “PositiveoutlookforGulf-based healthcarebusinessesin2018” UAEreliablehealthcaredestination: SheikhNahyanbinMubarak DHAtouselatesttechnologyaspart ofDubaiFutureAcceleratorsinitiative Heartattackprotocolcanimprove outcomes-research Riskofmaternaldeathdoubledin pregnantwomenwithanaemia 35-BD launches circulating cell-free DNA blood collection tube for applications 36-Researchers develop ultrathin, highly elastic skin display 39-Events Calendar 40-Quick References

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