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Page 18 of 36 “He made

Page 18 of 36 “He made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel.” Psalm 103:7 ANSWER:= Once again the stated above fallacy is committed . Psalm is a Book of Judaism and it is the book of Judaism long before the birth of the founder of Christianity. So this verse is certainly read by uncountable Jewish people including Jewish Prophets, Scholars, Commentators etc. But none of them understood it in the Athanasian and Trinitarian meanings. It is just to read an old book in accordance to a new book. How much rationality is beneath this attitude? Are Ways and Act Logos. Is there any Plurality in the very self of Logos. Suppose for a sake of arguments that Logos The Second Hypostasis in the Godhead of God revealed God the Supreme Being and the First Hypostasis to Moses [Mu:sa:/Moshe] “Alaihis Sala:m, then at that time Logos had not assumed the Male Human Nature. So in this case if Logos did not Assumed the the Assumed Male Human Nature, God the Being was revealed with out any Male Human Nature. This shews that Assumption of a Male Human Nature is not necessary for knowing God the Being and the First Hypostasis in theOusia of the Supreme Being. Note: Logos/Son the second Hyposasis became Iesous according to Christology when the Hypostasis assumed the Male Human Nature [without conversion but by assumption]. [1] ANTI ISLAMIC OBJECTION SAYS So to put that in perspective, Yehovah God revealed Himself in the Old Testament to His people and then He sent His Son, Jesus (of the Bible) to reveal even more about Him! Through Him the Father is revealed: ANSWER:= Page 18 of 36

Page 19 of 36 If God reveals himself in Holy Tanakh with out Incarnated Logos , then this means that God was not only Knowable but also known before Logos was Manifested or Incarnated by assuming a Finite male human nature. The Anti Islamic Objection Maker wants to shew that God Yahuvah was revealed by one of the Hypostasis in the Godhead of Yahuvah. By this he is trying to mix Judaism and Christianity , two different religions. ANTI ISLAMIC OBJECTION MAKER SAYS “No one has ever seen God; the only God, who is at the Father’s side, he has made him known.” John 1:18 (ESV) (I especially like this translation of this verse because it explicitly says that Jesus (of the Bible) is God!) If someone doesn’t know God today, it is their fault, not His. ANSWER:= Similarly if some one claims that he knows God by knowing some one other than God , it is not the fault of God but the fault of Claimant. If this verse is taken literally then this verse implies that Father and Logos are one and the same and not two mutually distinct Hypostases in one Divine Ousia. If Logos is the ONLY God then this means that Logos is the Only Hypostasis in Godhead (Divine Ousia) Of God. Now if Logos is the only Hypostasis in Divine Ousia then Either Logos and Father are one and the same Hypostasis or Father is not a Hypostasis in Godhead [Divine Ousia]. So this translation is Anti Athanasian Trinity and Supports Sabelain Trinity. That Father and Logos are just Nouns of one and same Hypostasis just like Athanasians accept that Logos and Son are just two Nouns of one and same Hypostasis. So this especially liked translation goes against the Athanasian Trinitarians. The only response is that Each Hypostasis is the Only God in Trinity. But If the Hypostasis Logos is the only God then it means that the Father cannot be the distinct Hypostasis. But suppose that some one irrationally argues that Father is God and Son is the Only God yet both are two distinct Hypostases in Divine Ousia then the question is what does he means by the term God In the sentence “Logos is the Only God”. If he means God the Trinity then this sentence means “Logos is the Only God the Trinity”. This is not Trinity of Athanasius. If the word God means Triune God then the sentence means “Logos is the Only Triune God” . This meaning is also against the Athanasian Tritnity. If the word God is used in the meaning of Godhead [Divine Page 19 of 36

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