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Page 22 of 36 Kenosis and Assumption of Male Human Nature made God more Known. But none of them said such a thing that if there is no Incarnation then the God is not Known. Divine Essence [Deity/God] is Knowable since it is in Existence, and Divine Essence is Pure Existence without any Potentiality of any Essential Attribute [say Omniscience etc] , and Divine Essence is Supremely Knowable in Itself [ Ma”lu:m Bidh: Dh:a:t]. if It is not Knowable to Finite Knowledges , it is in the meaning that it is Absolute(ly) Impossible to be Comprehended by Finite Knowledges. ANTI ISLAMIC OBJECTION MAKER SAYS Quran is clear that he cannot even be understood. ANSWER:= Yes Qur’a:n is Clear that God Cannot be Understood Comprehensively since no Finite Knowledge and No Created Understanding can comprehend God. But does not mean that God cannot be understood. Since the Very Qur’a:n stateth many things about God to make our Knowledge and Understanding capable of Knowing and Understanding Him without Comprehending Him. Once again the principle fallacy in the entire incorrect claim is that the claimant has supposed that if God or any Hypostasis of God cannot incarnate God cannot be known. This is a wrong supposition. Perhaps this Supposition is taken Axiomatically by the learned Anti Islamic Objection Maker. So what this learned Anti Islamic Objection Maker is trying to convince the readers of his article that if Incarnation is impossible then God is Necessarily Unknowable. The answer to this claim is the direct negation of it, that is God is Knowable even if Incarnation is Impossible. ANTI ISLAMIC OBJECTION MAKER SAYS To the Muslim, the idea of knowing God is a “metaphysical impossibility.” This sentence must be discussed with especial attention. ANSWER:= Page 22 of 36

Page 23 of 36 Either a Thing is Absolute Impossible or It is not. [Please let it be allowed to use the term Absolute Impossible instead of Absolutely Impossible for some terminological reasons]. If it is not then it is Absolute Possible. If a Thing is Absolute Possible then it is Either Absolute Necessary or it is Absolute Contingent. Now Logical Impossibility, Paradoxes, Mathematical Impossibility, Mathematical Paradoxes, defect upon Divine Essence , Incarnation, Manifestation in Corporeal and Created Beings are Absolute Impossible. In Islam the Incarnation of God in a Human or assumption of Male Human Nature is as impossible as assumption of Female Human Nature,Assumption of Animal and Plants Natures , Assumption of Jin Nature or Assumption of Angelic Nature. But this does not make God Unknowable. ANTI ISLAMIC OBJECTION MAKER SAYS Muslims don’t believe that the god of Islam has revealed himself at all; rather they believe that he has made his will known (go ahead, find a Muslim and ask him). ANSWER:= Once again the learned Anti Islamic Objection Maker is saying nothing but that if the one of the Only Three Hypostases was not incarnated by assuming a male human nature [ which may be called as Revelation of God Himself] then God is Unknowable. Once again it is to be said that this is an entire incorrect supposition. One may ask any Trinitarian who has studied these topics , whether Incarnation is the only way of Knowing God or there are other ways? It is more likely that they shall response that it is not the only way to know and to understand God. Beatific Vision is a better way. So it is possible that all human persons regardless of their gender are reverted and reduced to human natures and simultaneously assumed by any one of the three Hypostases so a better Understanding and Knowing of God may occur. After all the created Human Nature assumed by the Second Hypostasis in Godhead of God knows and understand its counterpart the Hypostases Logos in Divine Nature [i.e Godhead] farmor better then humans beings which are not human natures. Why? Why God did not reveal Himself on the higher scale which is Absolute Possible in Trinitical Theology. But this also means that Before the alleged Divine Conception of the Deity Of Iesous no one knew God, not even Moses who is believed to write first five books of Torah, and not other auther of any book of Tanakh. Even if Moses met the Hypostase Logos in unincarnated form it was just a Theophany not even a Beatific Vision. So if Logos was in Unincarnated form them Logos was not Iesous since Iesous Page 23 of 36

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