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Page 2 of 36 In this article it is tried to shew by the Divine Grace that if Incarnation or Divine Assumption of Male Human Nature is assumed to be Possible, even then it is not the only way to Know God/Deity, Godhead [Divine Ousia] of God and Hypostases in the Godhead Of God If Any,God,; and that it is Possible to Know God/Deity by the Knowledges of Finite Supposita Independent of Incarnation or Assumption of Male Human Nature, with [or without] the Possibility or Impossibility of Incarnation, Assumed Nature and the Assumption of the Nature. Introduction There is an article on Internet which claims that neither the God of Islam is the God of Bible nor Iesous of Islam is the Iesous of NT. It is required to answer the article first. Since we find it more interesting and more precise. But before beginning to answer this it is necessary to present some Preliminaries. FIRST PRELIMINARY God of Judaism [Yahudaism] God of Christianity and God of Islam is one and the same. The Divine Being who is the Supreme Being and the only God/Deity. How ever there is a difference of views about this God. In Christianity this God is a Trinity [Tri-Unity] or a Triune God. In Judaism and in Islam this God is Uni-Unity /Absolute Unicity [AU]. Judaism and Islam may dispute over the Attributes of God both they do not dispute over the Supreme Divine Being is AU OR Uni-Unity. This fact is acknowledged by many Christian Scholars. It is not a matter of Dispute between Christianity and Islam. But some Anti Islamic Objection Makers have even tried to make such an agreed upon thing as disputed. It is tried to respond one of the argument based on the Knowablity of God. Second Preliminary As according to Islam God/Deity is Knowable but not comprehendable by the Knowledges of Created Supposita, one must know the difference between to types of Knowings. 1] First Meaning To Know in the first meaning is to comprehend with Knowledge or encirculate by Knowledge. In this meaning God is NEITHER Knowable nor understandable. Not OnlyDeity/God/Divine Essence/Divine Being Is Incomprehensible by Finite Knowledges,Minds ,Rationalities/Intelligences but each and every Divine Attribute Of Deity/God like Omnipotence, Omniscience, Life etc. is beyond human ability to finite Minds, finite Knowledges Page 2 of 36

Page 3 of 36 . Not only IT IS Absolute(ly) Impossible to know everything about God/Deity by Finite Knowledges and Finite Minds , It is equallu Absolute(ly) Impossible to know every thing about a single thing about Go SAY Characters tics, Attributes, Essence, Existence ,Nouns. 2] Second Meaning To know with out Comprehending God/Deity, Divine Attributes etc. God can never be known comprehensively, God/Deity can be known truly but incomprehensively and un-exaustly God is an Existent, God is an Essence, has definite Attributes, definite Nouns and Definite Existence. This defineness doeth not contradict the infinity .In Divine revelations God Hath stated many things about His Character, Attributes etc. These are definite proofs that God is really Knowable. 3] The Disputed meaning. Some religions believe in the Dogma of Incarnations. Some believe in Multi- Incarnations and some believe in Single Incarnation. They opine that God can also be known by a esepcial method/way called Incarnation. But no one ever says that Absolute Possibility is the Necessary condition for knowing God by Created Rationalities and Knowledges. and has personally revealed himself so that he can be truly known. The multiplication of grace and peace in our lives is dependent on knowing God (2 Pet. 1:2–3), and this knowledge provides sufficient resources for life and for becoming the people God wants us to be. 3] Third Preliminary The Creed of Ahlussunnah believeth that God is known but Howness is not Known. One of the Nouns of God/Deity is ‘Al Ba:t:in. This meaneth that God/Deity is Neither Comprehensively Known Nor Exhaustly Known BY Created Rationalities , Knowledges etc. An other Noun of God/Deity is ‘Az: Z:a:hir. This meaneth that God is Un- Exhaustively Known and Incomprehensively Known. So both Holy Knowns are not opposites but do imply one an other and are two different approaches to same meaning [‘Al Ma”n-y] and same Reality [H:aqi:qah]. Page 3 of 36

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