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Page 30 of 36 The word Capricious is easy to use in any sentence. Give a child this word and ask him/her to make a sentence, it is likely that he/she may make a sensible sentence. But it is very difficult to prove that God of Islam is Capricious. If Not to be incarnable is to hide then this means that atleast 3/4 of the Trinity is Hiding and only ¼ of the Trinity is not hiding in the sense of incarnation. But even the Hypostasis Logos is Hiding in the Godhead which is the Barrier between the Created Human beings in particular and all created living Beings in general out of It [Godhead] and the Hypostases in It [Godhead]. The human nature [which is not even a human person] cannot break this Barrior. God is hidden in the meaning that God cannot be Comprehended by Human Rationality and Human Knowledge. Only God Comprehendeth Himself. On the other hand if God is known without being Comprehended by Created Rational Supposita , Incarnation is neither a Sufficient Condition nor a Necessary Condition. So this is the actual point missed by the Anti Islamic Objection Makers of this type. But one may be quite astonished that how frequently An Anti Islamic Objection Maker is repeating the same axiom some time explicitly and some timeexplicitly. Some time as a substratum. This is not the way to refute other religions. ANTI ISLAMIC OBJECTION MAKER SAYS The main message of the Bible is that Yehovah God wants a close, personal and intimate relationship with you (cf. John 14:17, 20, 23; 17:3; Ephesians 1:17; 1st John 2:3-4; 4:7-8). ANSWER:= God Doeth Want to make relations with His Created Rational Supposita , But what type of this relation or relationship is this. If it is a relation due to the Assumption of Human Nature what is often called Incarnation in particular and Manifestation in General then this relation is certainly not required to Know God without Comprehending God and Understanding God without Comprehending God. Once again the learned Auther has used the Noun Yahuvah [Iahuvah] . Once again it is necessary to repeat that Yahuvah/Yahvah/Yehveh is the God of Judaism, and Tanakh is the Holy Book of Judaism which Christianity has borrowed from Judaism. So when making Commentaries of Verses , Explaining the Verses of Tanakh one must primarily look at the Commentaries and Explanations of Judaism and not of a Religion which borrows the Book and is not the Original Holder of the Book. What Yahuvah wanteth is a question which Judaism can say in a far better way then Christianity since it is not the Original Holder of the Book. If Babies and Bahais take verses from NT and interpret in their own way, Christians say that their explanations are invalid since NT is not their original book . The same is true for Judaism. First of all Judaism to which Tanakh originally belongs to does not teach the Page 30 of 36

Page 31 of 36 Dogma of Incarnation. Second Judaism never says that Without Incarnation God is totally Unknown. Third The Question is who is Yahuvah in Judaism. Is He the Supreme Being or Is He a Hypostasis in the Ousia of the Supreme Being. Let Judaism answer this question. But it is insisted that Judaism never understood Its own Holy Book and it was Christianity that understands the book correctly then please allow me to say that Athanasianisn and Trinitarianism did not understood the Books of NT. Coming back to Christianity Unitarian Christians have a consensus inspite of all their internal differences that God of Athanasian Trinitism/Trinitarianism is not Not the God of NT. So what the relation is required by NT is not what The Trinitarianism /Trinitism wants. ANTI ISLAMIC OBJECTION MAKER SAYS As a Believer, you can keep His commandments because you know Him. ANSWER:= The question is the word Can only shews ability. It doesnot mean whether you must Keep the Divine Commandments or you Must not keep the commandments. It is just like the sentence “You Can Do a Work/Doing. Does it mean You Must do the Work/Doing? The answer is no. The next question is Does it mean You Must not to the Works/Doing. Once again the answer is no. This sentence it only mean as a believer you are able to keep commandments. Since an Unbeliever does not believe in the Divine Commandments. The question is Must a believer keep Commandments of Tanakh or Not? This sentence does not say any thing in regard to it . ANTI ISLAMIC OBJECTION MAKER SAYS And if you know Him, then you also know that He’s not the same as the god of Islam in any way. ANSWER:= Page 31 of 36

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