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Page 32 of 36 Once again the sentence is based on the Substratum that God of NT is Known due to the only way of Knowing and that is according to the Author of these Objections is Incarnation through Assumption of Non Divine Male Human Nature by a Hypostasis in the Godhead of God. But neither the God of Tanakh is such a God nor the God of NT is such a God. Verses like “I and My Father are One[(H)en]”; And the Word Was God” etc. cannot prove that Iesous is the Incarnated Hypostasis in Godhead. So it is said that God Of NT is God of Trinitarians then such a claim is incorrect. God of NT is never seen and One that is seen is not the God of NT. So the God of NT is not the same as God of Athanasian Trinitarianism. The hatred of the Anti Islamic Objection Makers is exposed when it is found that he deliberately does not capitalize the first letter “g” in the word “god” in the Phrase “god of Islam”. Nothing would have happened if this phase was written as “God of Islam”. But this shews the hatred of Islam in the heart of Anti Islamic Objection Makers. Truth of Islam cannot be distorted by such a Trick. Such tricks only expose how much this Author is Anti Islamic. ANTI ISLAMIC OBJECTION MAKER SAYS When you meet pastors who teach and preach the “Chrislam” heresy, be sure to tell them this. Confront them with the authority of the Creator God of the Bible. And also remind them that… Jesus is NOT in the Quran! ANSWER:= It is POSSIBLE that the Learned Author shall also advise those people who are attempted to be Taught by Jews for Jesus that they also confront them with the Authority of God Of Tanakh; and also remind them that Trinitarian God is Not in Tanakh, An Incarnated God is Not in Tanakh etc. Similarly it is POSSIBLE that some day he shall advise the same to Unitarian Sects of Christianity against the those who attempt to argue that God Of NT is a Trinity as follow: Page 32 of 36

Page 33 of 36 Confront them with the authority of the Creator God of the Bible. And also remind them that… Trinity is not in the books of NT. Note : It is never minded to capitalize the first letters of some words because some time it is necessary to do so in order to convey the correct meaning. Although we do not believe in Trinity but the first letter of the word Trinity is capitalized for the following reasons. 1] As Trinitarians are accustomed to write so we use what the are accustomed. 2] It may hurt their feeling and in sober discussions hurting feelings is not a good thing, if it is done by some one who so ever he /she may be regardless of his/her belief. 3] To dispute a dogma is one thing and to make a disgrace is another thing. To smallize a letter of a word which is written in Capital i.e Capitalization of Initial Letters for Majesty in general is just a disgrace in the discussion. Any how one may thank the Learned Author for writing his inner feelings with The Smallization of the first letter so that even Christian Brethren may know that such Persons are biased or unbiased and what are the base and the basis of biasness if any. About LTSMinistries Page 33 of 36

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