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Page 6 of 36 Nature and Human Nature is to deny the Knowledge of God , if Knowledge of God then the faith of God. That is the reason irrespective of the Human Nature and its Possibility or Impossibility ,it is Possible to Know God. If so then God is Knowable independent of this Possibility [if it is]. Seventh Preliminary Logical Atheism carefully choses an Axiom System in which it discards any Axiom which can be used to prove God/Deity. On the contrary Materialistic atheism argues for proof accepted in Science. But God Cannot be proved through science since Science not a domain of God/Deity and God/Deity excludeth this domain. Even this is known by Logical Atheists. But in the religious systems these axioms which prove God/Deity do exist. Coming back to the original discussion when a number of theists use Posteriori method instead of Priori method [‘Addali:L ‘Anni and ‘Addali:l Lammi]. So including the Posteriori method and axiomatizing it one gets An Axiom of Knowing God/Deity. But deleting it from the system it becomes impossible in the system, giving an other system. This is what that is said that Knowing through Incarnation is just an Axiom in the system of some incarnists. Eighth Preliminary Just like Logical Atheism the Anti Islamic Objection Maker who wrote the article deletes any Axiom which may lead to Know God/Deity except the Assumed Assumption of the Human Nature by the Hypostases in the Divinity [Divine Ousia] Of the Deity. If this axiom is rejected axiomatically God /Deity becometh Absolutly Unknowable. Ninth Preliminary 1 It is forgotten or deliberately Neglected that by the Learned Anti Islamic Objection Maker that Existence of God is a Prerequisite of incarnation in the case Incarnation is Absolute(ly) Possible. Since the human intellect cannot detect whether a thing which he considers as a Human Being is a Human Person or a Nature of Hypostatic Union with its counter part a Hypostasis in the Divine Page 6 of 36

Page 7 of 36 Nature which is the Divine Ousia. Such things are not evident and if not evident then reasons are inevitable . Once again a Posteriori method is employed. But Knowledge of God and Existence of God is a Necessary Condition of the Knowledge of Absolute Possibility of Assumption of Human Nature. A Prori Proof is prerequisite in this case which is neglected by the learned Author of Anti Islamic Objection. If no God then No Incarnation but if no Incarnation then NOT “Absolute Necessity” no God. That is why even those who believe in Trinitical Dogma,Human Nature Dogma and Incarnation of any one of the Hypostases in the Divine Ousia of Deity do not say such a thing atleast in the sense taken be the Learned Anti Islamic Objection Maker. What they generally say is that God is better known be Assuming a Male Human Nature. So even they do not say that God is Unknowable without any assumption of Created Assumed Nature what so ever. Tenth Preliminary [Judaism (Yahudaism) and ‘Isla:m do agree that God is Uni-Unity or Absolute Unicity and not a Trinity/Tri-Unity. Similarly Assumption Of any Non-Eternal Nature is Absolute(ly) Impossible By God/Deity and Upon Deity/God. But in this Preliminary some discussions are made according to Athanasian Trinitarian Standard , to shew that this claim of the Anti Islamic Objection Makers are not even according to the Official Trinitarian Schools]. The basic problem is that the argument from incarnation or assumption of Human Nature is based on the respective Potentialities of Assumption of Human Nature and the Potentiality of Human Nature either in God or In Godhead of God or in Hypostasis in Godhead of God. But this cannot be the only way to Know Divine Essence/Divine Being/God/Divinity Deity. A thing T1 cannot be known if the thing T2 that holdeth the Potentiality/Potency [say P1] of T1 [Qu:vah/S:ala:h:iah] Is Not Known. That is Potentiality of any thing say T1 cannot be known unless and otherwise the thing T2 in which the potentiality of T1 subsiteth is NOT known, Page 7 of 36

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