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KMM_2018 Rep Catalog Spring

Crayons Giant Crazy

Crayons Giant Crazy Crayon Our Giant Crazy Crayon has 64 colors smushed into one 8" long by 1" wide crayon. Let loose your crazy side as you create lively and colorful drawings. You never know which colors will be next as you color the day away! 1 Giant Crayon Giant Crazy Crayon – Bright This bright twist on our classic Giant Crazy Crayon features 15 fresh colors smushed into one 8" long, 1" wide crayon! As you draw, the colors change and blend unpredictably— surprise yourself! 1 Giant Crayon Giant Crazy Crayon – Neon Try this electric take on our classic Giant Crazy Crayon, featuring 15 colors that zap, combined into one 8" long, 1" wide crayon. Drawing with this crayon is like drawing with fireworks! 1 Giant Crayon UPC 851224006114 K057 UPC 815219022343 K142 UPC 815219022336 K141 Confetti Crayons Have double the fun with our 12 double-pointed Confetti Crayons! Colors blend and mingle with six tonal color palettes in each Confetti Crayon, and each crayon is sharpened on both ends for maximum coloring potential. Turn a regular playdate into a party with this colorful set! 12 Confetti Crayons Crayon Gem Drawing with our prismatic Crayon Gem lets you blend and blur as you choose! With so many different angles to pick from, everyday coloring takes on a whole new dimension. Each jumbo multi-faceted crayon has eight colors and is sized 4.5" wide by 3" tall. 1 Jumbo Gem Crayon Crayon Library With 60 solid color hexagonal crayons, drawing colorful creations has never been so fun. The crayons come in a convenient hexagonal box making organization simple, and a sharpener is included so you can always have that sharp, precise edge. Our Crayon Library promises to become the new standard for the modern kid! 60 Crayons UPC 851224006572 K023 UPC 851224006091 K055 UPC 851224006589 K022 Gem Jackpot You just hit the lottery with this Gem Jackpot! Your young artist will be enthralled for hours with the many facets of these gem-shaped crayons. Draw sharp lines or cover broad areas as you create gem-arific artwork. Gem Jackpot includes 12 solid-colored crayons in three unique gem shapes. 12 Crayon Gems Octahedron Crayons Mix, match, and blend colors in a snap with these two-toned octahedral crayons. Each of these 15 faceted crayons offer multiple points and edges to create unique coloring effects! 15 Octahedron Crayons Rock Crayons Add to your rock collection with our beautiful and smooth Rock Crayons. Each Rock Crayon has a unique color palette that fills every stroke with a cool blend of color. These crayons feel great in your hand as you draw your colorful masterpieces. Any nature-loving artist is sure to enjoy these one-of-a-kind drawing utensils! 12 Rock Crayons UPC 851224006596 K019 UPC 815219022138 K114 UPC 851224006619 K021

Kits Arts and Crafts Library With 1250+ pieces, the possibilities are endless to create animals, plants, jewelry, and more! Store it all in the convenient carrying case. Includes 510 beads and sequins, 348 fuzzy sticks, 105 pom poms, 60 felt pieces, 30 wooden dowels, 6 colors of embroidery floss, 102 googly eyes, 40 sticker back jewels, 9 wooden discs, 40 craft sticks, scissors, 2 needles, and 1 glue tube. Studio in a Box This kit includes 16 colored pencils, 3 drawing pencils, 10 washable markers, 10 acrylic paints, 12 watercolor paints, 3 crayon disks, 1 wooden pencil sharpener, 1 eraser, 1 small round brush, 1 medium round brush, 1 large round brush, 1 flat brush, 1 fan brush, 4 canvas boards, 1 watercolor paper pad, and 1 mixed paper pad, all in one convenient carrying case with a handle. Modern House Kit Calling all architects and interior designers! Build walls and decorate all the surfaces of your personalized wooden pad! Create custom rooms and environments using 10 pre-printed sticker wallpapers and floor coverings, 12 acrylic paints, brushes, glue and even a blue glitter sheet for the pool! The pre-cut pieces for the house are easy to assemble and secure. UPC 851224006909 K028 UPC 851224006688 K017 UPC 851224006350 K029 Wooden Robot Kit Creating one-of-a-kind robots is easy with the Wooden Robot Kit! Each kit contains 3 different wooden robots with easy to move arms and legs, 3 crazy printed sticker sheets, 12 acrylic paints and 2 brushes— everything you need for customizing your own robot family! Wooden Spaceship Kit Transport yourself to another galaxy with this out-of-thisworld Wooden Spaceship Kit! Inside you will find 3 wooden spacecrafts, 6 colorful printed sticker sheets, 12 acrylic paints and 2 brushes—customize your own space fleet! Bongo Kit Follow the beat of your own drum with style and originality using our customizable Bongo Kit. Each kit comes with a raw wood bongo drum, 9 glitter sticker sheets, stencils, sponge brush, and 10 acrylic paints. Show off your artistic rhythm with this fun music and art kit! UPC 851224006961 K058 UPC 815219022220 K129 UPC 851224006312 K040 Ukulele Kit This full-sized wooden ukulele is ready to personalize! Just decorate and paint your designs using 9 colors of sticker glitter paper, 10 colors of acrylic paint, sticker letter stencils, and foam brush. Once your ukulele is finished you can store and carry it in its convenient printed cardboard carrying case! Perfect for the budding artist and musician. Jewelry Jam With over 850 pieces, including beads, felt strips, jump rings, clasps, floss, stringing needles and more! The Jewelry Jam kit comes in an oval box with removable stacking compartment trays to keep all of your components separate and ready to use. Have fun designing fashionable looks with Jewelry Jam! Animal Menagerie Kit Create your own colorful coterie when you stumble upon this crowd of creatures at the watering hole. This kit includes 14 laser-cut wood pieces, 20 colored pencils, and a pencil sharpener. Color, assemble, and you have your own 3D drawing! UPC 851224006022 K045 UPC 851224006855 K059 UPC 815219022213 K128

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