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KMM_2018 Rep Catalog Spring

Smarts and Crafts Metal

Smarts and Crafts Metal Mash-Up Get a handle on this craft cache! Create your own treasure trove with hundreds of ingredients. Store it all in this convenient craft case! Inside you will find 60 fuzzy sticks, 33 pom poms, 120 assorted beads, 90 paillettes, 3 craft wires, 5 cords, 30 metallic sticker sheets, and 4 rolls of glitter tape. Smarts and Crafts Bright Bundle Glow on! Our most brilliant craft set shines bright with the colors of the rainbow—create your own colorful accessories or your own clique of critters. Store it all in this convenient craft case! Inside you will find 60 fuzzy sticks, 47 pom poms, 120 matte beads, sequins, nylon cord, 84 googly eyes, 36 neon sticker sheets, and 4 rolls of duct tape. Smarts and Crafts Sparkle Stash Feel free to get carried away with this glittering craft set! Create mythical creatures and sparkling worlds. Store it all in this convenient craft case! Inside you will find 60 fuzzy sticks, 47 pom poms, 120 faceted beads, 90 paillettes, 5 cords, 36 sparkle sticker sheets, and 4 rolls of glitter tape. UPC 815219022190 K126 UPC 815219022183 K125 UPC 815219022206 K127 Printmaking Kit Monoprinting comes to life with this fun and unusual kit. Pigment-infused sheets of paper and die-cut shapes are used to create collages that can be “printed” when pressed onto wet paper. This kit is perfect for creating cards, unique prints, or fun art projects! Each set includes 10 solid sheets, 80+ die cut shapes, and 24 pieces of heavyweight watercolor paper. Sea Creature Cushions Kit Sharpen your stitching skills with this aquatic kit. Sew-up and embellish three felt friends. Each kit contains 3 sets of die-cut felt pieces, polypropylene filling, 36 sequins, 20 white beads, 2 black beads, 5 colors of embroidery floss, 2 needles, and easy-to-follow instructions. Learn and practice a new skill and enjoy your new chums! Comic Book Kit This all-in-one kit has all the supplies needed to create your own super hero story! Each kit comes with two 32 page books printed with blank cells that are ready for your illustrations, 10 washable markers, 2 stencil templates for type and bubbles, 5 rubber stamps with 3 foam ink pads and 3 bottles of stamp ink so that your ink pad is never dry! UPC 851224006060 K062 UPC 815219022299 K137 UPC 851224006633 K006 Journal Kit Let your creativity shine with our Journal Kit! Each kit includes a 250 page journal, 8 markers, 1 multicolor pen, 2 rolls of glitter tape, 5 paper rolls, 3 holographic sticker sheets, and 5 regular sticker sheets. Use these cool supplies to decorate your journal cover. Then write or draw on the blank pages to keep your creative efforts and thoughts in one safe place. Suncatcher Gems Kit Catch some color with this sunny-day kit. Create multicolored mini stained-glass ornaments to decorate your windows. This kit includes 12 adhesive backed wooden gems, 6 clear plastic sheets, 12 suncatcher paints, 6 acrylic paints, cording, and 2 small round brushes. Customize your own gem or give one to a friend; you’ll both have rays for days! UPC 851224006534 K063 UPC 815219022282 K136

Wondrous Watercolor Our Wondrous Watercolor set includes high-quality matte watercolor cakes in a beautiful variety of 30 custom colors, 1 small round brush, 1 medium brush, and 1 10-sheet pad of watercolor paper. Watch the colors mix together to create a unique masterpiece. You can even combine colors to create custom hues! Beach Bash Jewelry Kit Are you ready to hit the boardwalk? Inside you’ll find everything you need to create a treasure chest full of seaworthy accessories. This kit includes 5 colored hemp cords, 2 shell pendants, seashells (2.1 oz), 200 wooden beads, 200 plastic pearls, 120 acrylic beads, 8 plastic rings, and some helpful instructions to guide you! Rock Star Jewelry Kit Rock on with these geological delights! Each kit comes with hemp cording and 171 assorted beads. Mix and match these unique crystal and gem forms to create statement pieces that are down to Earth. UPC 851224006756 K018 UPC 815219022275 K135 UPC 815219022176 K123 Embroidered Notebook Kit Stitch a custom pattern onto our rainbow-striped 70 sheet notebook! Create your design using 9 different colors of embroidery floss and the included blunt needle. Names, patterns and more are easily made by stitching through the pre-punched holes on the notebook cover. A stickerbacked piece of felt is included to secure your design. Woven Notebook Kit Create custom weaving patterns on the front of a sturdy notebook using 132 pieces of solid, glitter and foil strips of paper! The 70 sheet notebook has rainbow printed lines, making writing and note taking a colorful treat! A stickerbacked piece of felt is included to secure your design. On-The-Go Coloring Kit This kit is easy to carry with you anywhere, making art on the run, fun! Each kit comes with a 24 sheet softcover book printed with patterns, stripes and swirls, ready to inspire young artists. 10 washable markers, 12 solid hexagonal crayons, and the 5.75"×7" book all fit easily into the printed houndstooth canvas tote with zipper and handle. UPC 851224006701 K009 UPC 851224006695 K010 UPC 851224006640 K007 On-The-Go Drawing Kit This kit is easy to carry with you anywhere you go, making art while travelling organized and fun! Includes a softcover 32 sheet book printed with partially started drawings, ready to inspire young artists on-the-go. 10 washable markers, 12 mini pencils, 1 pencil sharpener, and the 5.75"×7" book all fit into the printed houndstooth canvas tote with zipper and handle. On-The-Go Jewelry Kit Ever wanted to dress up and jet set? Always be prepared to accessorize with this portable jewelry kit! Each kit comes with 102 multicolored acrylic beads, two colors of cording, and a printed zip-top canvas bag to keep your making organized. On-The-Go Make a Face Kit Create your own colorful cast of characters with hundreds of felt facial features. Whether you make cuddly critters or brutish beasts is up to you! This kit includes 12 printed die-cut felt sticker sheets, 78 googly eyes, and one printed zip-top canvas bag to carry your funny faces around. UPC 851224006077 K056 UPC 815219022169 K120 UPC 815219022152 K119

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