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Global Avionics Market 2018


DESCRIPTION • Avionics, or aviation electronics, is a general word used for all types of electrical equipment utilized in missiles, aircraft as well as spacecraft. Avionics includes components that are directly used by the pilot such as radio communication, navigation and weather radar equipment. Additionally, avionics also consist of other electronic systems that not directly utilized by the pilot that control as well as monitor flight and performance of engine. • The term avionics includes the electronic systems that are utilized in aircraft, artificial satellites, and spacecraft. The various avionic systems include communications, the display, navigation and management of multiple systems, along with several of the systems that are fixed to aircraft to conduct individual functions. These functions can either be simple or complicated such as a searchlight for a police helicopter or the tactical system for an airborne early warning platform. The term avionics is a combination of both the words aviation as well as electronics.

REGIONS • North America • Europe • Asia-Pacific (APAC) • Middle East & Africa (MEA) • Latin America

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