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U.S. Postal Endorsements* (revision date 10/2016) Address services MUST INCLUDE return address! ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED Full service, forwarding, return and new address notifications provided. Address service requested instructs the USPS to forward a piece of First Class mail to the new address, and the sender receives a copy and a 50 cent charge. Return postage charged at appropriate single piece price. First Class Mail forwarding and return service incurs no charge. FORWARDING SERVICE REQUESTED Forwarding and return service provided. If forwarding, a separate change of address notification is not provided. If returned, new address or reason for nondelivery is provided. First Class Mail forwarding service incurs no charge. CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED Mail is not forwarded or returned, separate notifications provided. Separate change of address notifications with new address information or reason for non-delivery provided. Mailpiece is properly disposed of as waste. Address Service Placement RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED Mail is not forwarded. If UAA, returned to the sender with new address information or reason for non-delivery provided. Separate change of address notifications are not provided. First Class Mail return service incurs no charge. Return postage charged at appropriate single piece price. ELECTRONIC SERVICE REQUESTED Mailpiece is directed to a Computerized Forwarding System (CFS) or Postal Automated Redirection System (PARS) site for processing. “Address Service Requested” and “Change Service Requested” handling instructions and options are required to be predefined within the ACS mailer profile data. OneCode ACS mailers are also required to insert this service request through a valid service type code in an Intelligent Mail barcode. The service type code in the Intelligent Mail barcode will take precedence over the instructions in the mailer account profile. NO ENDORSEMENT If no endorsement is used, the treatment of UAA is determined by the class of mail. First-Class treatment is the same as if endorsed “Forwarding Service Requested.” If UAA, Unendorsed Standard Mail is disposed of. Periodicals forwarding is provided for 60 days. After 60 days, or if unforwardable, separate address correction notifications are provided and periodical is disposed of.

U.S. Postal Endorsements* (continued) Address services MUST INCLUDE return address! ENDORSEMENT REQUIREMENTS The exhibit below shows the options for placing an endorsement. The endorsement shown (ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED) is just one of several options. See DMM 507.1.5 for a complete list of endorsements, treatment, and fee consequences according to the class of mail. Address Service Placement Options for placing an endorsement: The endorsement must be placed in one of these four positions: • Directly below the return address. • Directly above the delivery address area (which includes the delivery address block and any related nonaddress elements such as a barcode, keyline, or optional endorsement line). • Directly to the left of the postage area and below or to the left of any price marking. • Directly below the postage area and below any price marking. Please keep in mind, when placing the endorsement in the delivery area block, you must allow enough space for the address, barcode and the endorsement. The mail panel consists of 5/8” for the barcode area (nothing should be in this area), 1-1/2” for the address. If you wish for the endorsement to be inside the mail panel, another 3/4” will need to be added to allow for the endorsement and the 1/4” clearance on all sides. This makes the mail panel a minimum of 2-7/8” high. The mail panel must be a minimum of 3-3/4” wide. If the endorsement isn’t used, the size can be reduced by 3/4”, making the minimum clearance for the mailing panel 2-1/8” high. (See example below for common envelope requirements). Please remember that NOTHING can be inside this area, including the Indicia or postage. These rules also apply to window envelopes as far as placement and background requirements. Physical Standards for Endorsements: The endorsement or, if combined, endorsements must meet these physical standards: • The type size of the endorsement must be at least 8 points. • The read direction of the endorsement and return address must be the same as the read direction of the delivery address. • The color contrast between the endorsement and the mailpiece background must be kept at a reasonable degree. A brilliant colored background or reverse printing is not permitted. • A clear space of at least 1/4 inch around (above, below, and both sides) the total area containing the endorsement(s) is required. Postage Area Mr. and Mrs. John Doe 1/2” 1/2” 2-1/8” 10 Elm Street Anytown, WA 98765-4321 5/8” Optical Character Reader (OCR) Read Area

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