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Producing Dielines There

Producing Dielines There are a few things to keep in mind when building dies for your artwork. SEND AN APPROPRIATE FILE FORMAT All die lines should be saved as Adobe Illustrator EPS or PDF files. Dies are always built numerically to exact measurements; boxes should never be drawn free hand. Outside shapes should be united using the Pathfinder command, then Expanded. All rules, guides, extra points, text or marks must be removed; no other objects beside die lines should exist. Cutting rules are drawn as solid lines , scoring rules are drawn as dashed lines , and perforating lines are drawn as dotted lines . (See following page for standard dieline colors). Set the dieline to overprint. Make sure the lines are 1 point in size. Most diemakers use a CAD program to build dies, which needs to convert the information to reproduce the die line. This requires vectorbased artwork to be imported into the CAD program. If necessary, dies can be built in the layout program and Knight Abbey can extract them into Illustrator, but appropriate naming and attributes is vital. layer. These lines aren’t always visible onscreen, but the die maker’s CAD program will read them. This will cause the laser to execute repeated burns, rendering the die useless. This may not be caught until the die is on press, which will cause production delays. Be sure to check for any hidden layers in your file. Any dieline should be represented by exactly one element. In other words, a box should not be 4 lines overlapping at the corners to make a box. It should be one continuous line when selected. If you draw separate elements, use the path tool and ‘join’ the lines. The fewer paths when done, the better. USE APPROPRIATE ORIENTATION The orientation of the die must be stated based on the following definitions: Print Side - Die Side - like looking at a printed sheet after being die cut. For example, a pocket folder outside-view would be Print Side. like looking at the die with the blades coming toward you. A pocket folder inside-view would be Die Side. BE SURE TO REMOVE “HIDDEN” ELEMENTS Be sure to remove any “hidden” elements: Occasionally, files are sent with “hidden” or embedded items. These can be manually hidden, on a hidden layer or on a non-printing

Producing Dielines (continued) In a die that has no scoring rules, the orientation for the build is not important. Die lines that score should always be built from Die Side to prevent cracking. Scores impact on the OUTSIDE of the work. Some outside line segments are removed to keep the work contained on the parent sheet. Final cuts are then done on a guillotine cutter. When doing this, the perpendicular rules must be extended .125” to provide cutting bleed. If necessary, make a separate FPO die line that contains ink knockouts (these are sometimes necessary for converted envelopes). SEND TEXT INSTRUCTIONS SEPARATELY Designers often color-code die lines to distinguish different cuts, such as perfs and scores. These colors can be misinterpreted without clarification. A separate file containing written instructions that serve as a guide will eliminate confusion (see below for standard dieline colors). If Knight Abbey protocols are followed, this step can be skipped. USE APPROPRIATE NAMING PROTOCOLS When building dielines, using consistent naming protocols will eliminate confusion later. Using names such as Dieline, Emboss, Foil, etc. leaves almost no room for error. Knight Abbey’s naming protocol is included with this guide. Deboss Dieline Dieline-Red Emboss Emboss-Low Emboss-Mid Foil Foil2 Foil3 Foil4 Foil5 Foil6 Foil7 Foil8 Perf Raised UV Score Score-Black Score-Red Spot Dull Spot Gloss UV Variable Varnish These color builds are approximate. As long as the names are kept consistent (including case and spacing), our system will recognize the name and will apply the color accordingly.

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