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Producing Dielines

Producing Dielines (continued) SET ATTRIBUTES Please use the following for color specification. You should always set your dielines to “overprint”. If this is not done, the dielines will knock-out of the printed piece, leaving white gaps in your piece where there should be full coverage. ALWAYS INCLUDE BLEEDS CHECK YOUR GLUE TABS Unless otherwise instructed, please make glue tabs 3/4”. IN-HOUSE DIES Knight Abbey does have numerous “in-house” dielines available. Please contact a CSR to inquire about dielines. If your artwork needs to bleed, please include an extra 1/4” of image/color outside the die area. Dies can bounce around when cutting and may not hit exactly in the same place each time.

U.V. Coating Guidelines Recommendations to improve the outcome of your project. Dielines will not be generated for the die maker until the job is printed. Dielines are pulled from the printed piece so that registration is exactly the same. * U.V. coatings can only be applied to coated papers. * All inks must be U.V. compatible and completely dry. * Metallic inks may not coat. Imitation metallics are recommended but should be tested first. * Alkaline pigments such as Reflex Blue, Rhodamine red, PMS Purple etc. can not be U.V. coated. * Any varnish or aqueous coatings must be a compatible primer and not an overcoat. * Requires 1/2” gripper and 3/8” on all other sides. * Score after coating. * Paper may crack and inks may flake on scores after folding. * Standard U.V. coatings are NOT receptive to gluing, stamping or labeling. It is your responsibility to inform Knight Abbey if any of those processes are required for a U.V. coated job. * Matte U.V. coating must have a U.V. compatible varnish or aqueous primer over areas to be coated with matte U.V. * Gloss U.V. coated sheets will show fingerprints. * Coated areas may vary up to 1/32”. Please allow for these variances in the design of borders etc. * On oversized sheets (larger than 28 X 40), knocked out images may vary 1/16” to 1/8”. Please allow for this variance in your layout and printing design. * For glue tabs, knock out all glue areas. A dieline indicating these knockouts should be included. * Raised UV cannot come within 1/8” from any cut or fold. Doing so will cause cracking and/ or flaking. * Additional charges may apply if any design work of die is required

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