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Ellington Express March - April 2018

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He is risen indeed A

He is risen indeed A rally took place at the height of Communist Russia. A Party official addressed the crowd & step by step, demolished any justification for Christian faith. At the end of the lengthy tirade the speaker challenged the crowd to respond. Could anyone rebut what had been said? A silence fell, until an elderly Orthodox priest began shuffling forwards. The Communist official smirked as this tired old man heaved himself to the podium. After what seemed like an endless silence the priest uttered into the microphone: “Alleluia, Christ is risen!” At once the crowd erupted “He is risen indeed, alleluia!” (the traditional Easter greeting). There was no arguing with that reply. The meeting ended. Was this group of people simply saying that they believe Jesus rose from the dead all those years ago? No. This response bursts forth because the people in that crowd had experienced the living Christ in their own lives. This story highlights one of the key features of the Easter message that is commonly misunderstood. Each year on Easter Sunday people in Church do NOT say “Alleluia, Christ was risen”, they say “Christ is risen”. We believe he is as risen today as he was 2,000 years ago. We experience part of the power of the risen life of Jesus today in our own lives. The Easter story is not simply a historical event (although we do believe it happened in history). What happened on the original Easter weekend was central turning point of history. Strictly speaking, Jesus didn’t come back from the dead, he passed through death into a glorious new form of life which his followers hope for in the world to come and get a glimpse of today. At Easter Christians celebrate that in his death Jesus tore down the walls between us and God for all time and in his resurrection gave us a foretaste of the life to come. Perhaps that sounds like nonsense to you. You wouldn’t be alone. Even St Paul calls the cross the “foolishness of God”: he also recognises it as wisdom for those with eyes to see. We recognise the Church has a lot to answer for. The reason we go to church is because we know we have a lot to answer for. In the Easter story we find God has opened up a way to start dealing with those things and a way to give us some hope. If you find yourself in need of some hope this Easter then please join us? You never know: you might even meet the risen Jesus too! Th Ea Ch March March Palm S March Good F April 1s Easter April 8t April 15 April 22 April 29 Ellingto June 24 -Mornin Ch A big th of peopl certain Commu 10-00am Ann

The Parish of Eastleightonstone Church Services March 18th Brampton: PC 10-30, WW 18-30 March 25th Ellington: All Together with Communion 10-30 Palm Sunday March 30th Brampton; An hour at the Cross Good Friday April 1st Brampton: PC 10-30, WW 18-30 Easter Day Grafham: WW 10-30 April 8th Brampton: PC 10-30 (Baptism) Ellington: WW 10-30 go. We ory). y w t for all ss the know aling this April 15th Brampton: PC 10-30 WW 18-30 April 22nd Brampton: All together with Communion 10-30 April 29th Brampton: PC 10-30 Ellington will have an All Together with Communion Service on Sunday May 27th at 10-30 June 24th Grafham : All Together Communion 10-30 Ellington Gala Service 18-30 -Morning Prayer is held every week, 08-45 to 09-15 Monday - Ellington, Wednesday – Grafham, Tuesday & Thursday – Brampton.08-30 to 09-00 Church Cleaning. A big thank-you to every-one who helped to ‘Spring Clean’ and arrange flowers. A number of people commented on how beautiful the building looked. We discussed having a rota for certain areas, and I plan to have a similar blitz on Monday 19th March, before our ‘All Together Communion Service’ on the 25th. 10-00am to Noon. Anyone is welcome to join us, with or without dusters!! Ann