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Trucking Wellness Programme Annual Report 2016


18 OBITUARY KOBUS VAN ZYL With deep sadness, CEP reports the news that Kobus van Zyl, former divisional manager for Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles passed away on 13 June 2017. Kobus was a pioneer in the MBSA and the CEP Trucking Wellness collaboration and we thank him for his personal dedication and commitment to the success of the MBSA Trucking Wellness project. Since 2009 Kobus helped the programme grow leaps and bounds. Trucking Wellness Annual Report 2016

19 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We wish to express our appreciation to all those involved within the Trucking Wellness Programme. It is because of the commitment and excellent work that we continue to provide a world-class health service to the Road Freight and Logistic Industry. We wish to extend gratitude to the staff for their continuous dedication. Last but not least, we thank the stakeholders, beneficiaries of our programmes and our partners for the support they have provided. Our success is driven by the passion and dedication of all those involved within the Trucking Wellness Programme. PARTNERS Trucking Wellness Annual Report 2016

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