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2016 YMCA of Greater Nashua_Impact Report

Welcoming Week

Welcoming Week Photos

FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY YMCA of Greater Nashua Welcomes All and We Celebrated Welcoming Week in September In September, the Y took a lead in the Greater Nashua community during Welcoming Week, a nationally recognized week of welcoming and celebration for immigrants, refugees and new Americans in our communities. We were part of a movement through YMCA of the USA joining Welcoming America to implement the program in Ys across the country. The YMCA of Greater Nashua joined the celebration by running mini-events all through the week in each branch and our Merrimack Early Education program. Activities included belly dance clinics, arts activities, potluck meals, visual celebrations in our lobby areas and the launch of two initiatives: Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and the LGBTQ Connection Group. The Y has a long history of welcoming others…from our founding during the Industrial Revolution to opening the first YMCA for African Americans (before the Civil War), to hosting the country’s first ever English as a Second Language class to offering housing to immigrants in the nation’s cities right up through the work we do today through Y-Cares and programs like Summer Learning Loss Prevention and more. The mission of our Y as being “for all” highlights our commitment to our entire community. By participating in Welcoming Week, we exhibited our support for diversity in our community and highlighted that we are a place of resource for those who may be new to this country. Welcoming Week is a celebration of our community’s diversity and a chance for neighbors—both immigrant and U.S.-born residents—to connect through service projects and other fun events. Together, we’re building a better us. At the Y, we believe our communities are stronger when everyone feels welcomed. 1,180+ 2,880+ 55+ youth building confidence through YMCA dance and gymnastics programs hours children read and worked on literacy projects in the Summer Learning Loss Prevention Program new superheroes trained to build self-confidence and make an impact at their school

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