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2016 YMCA of Greater Nashua_Impact Report


Ed Soloway

FOR HEALTHY LIVING “LIVESTRONG is a great program! The people in my group were strangers at first, but after just a couple of weeks, wonderful new friends. The time spent in LIVESTRONG is a wonderful memory and the program proves that we can overcome and live strong every day!” – Pat Riley LIVESTRONG Participant The American Cancer Society estimates that almost 9,000 people in New Hampshire will experience a new cancer diagnosis in 2016. Tens of thousands are cancer survivors. Lifesaving treatment, and the cancer itself, take their toll. Cancer survivors describe living with a “new normal” – emotionally and physically. “I began the LIVESTRONG program in January, 2015 with very low expectations. I was already exercising regularly and felt that I had adequately dealt with my own personal battle with cancer,” said Ed Soloway, LIVESTRONG participant. He continued, “As I traveled through the different stages of the LIVESTRONG program, I did so with a group of people with different stories but a common goal. We all wanted to come to terms with our new normal and move forward. My own realization was that I really hadn’t completely dealt with what I had been through, and I slowly began to discover this as a result of my connection with the other members in the group. Some of the others already had a good support group but benefited the most from their physical accomplishments. Regardless of your reason for starting LIVESTRONG, embrace it because it will only help to make you stronger, and that strength will help you move forward. When I began the program, I was Ed who had cancer. When I finished, I was Ed. Cancer will not define me, but I hope that it helps me to focus on what’s really important in my life.” Last year 85 Nashua-area people reclaimed their health after a cancer diagnosis through LIVESTRONG at the YMCA of Greater Nashua. 80+ 120+ 220+ participants reclaimed their health in our LIVESTRONG at the Y program youth learned healthy living can be fun in our Hannaford Supermarkets supported Prescribe the Y program individual adults were taught swim lessons at our facilities this year

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