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AVA Tattoo Supply Price list 2018 for Nico

ACS086 ACS085 ACT054

ACS086 ACS085 ACT054 ACS079 European flower tattoo mask Camouflage tattoo mask Tattoo waterproof pad case PREMIUM TATTOO TISSUE X-rays sterilize X-rays sterilize Acrylic Material 60Sheet/box 1-10pcs:$0.17 11-100pcs:$0.16 100pcs+:$0.15 1-10pcs:$0.17 11-100pcs:$0.16 100pcs+:$0.15 1-10pcs:$6.5 11-50pcs:$5.99 +50pcs:$5.5 5-10boxes:$1.8 11-50boxes:$1.50 51-100boxes:$1.40 ACS080 ACT055 ACS002C ACS002A PREMIUM TATTOO TISSUE Tattoo Tissue box,use for ACS080 Snake King Black Latex Glove Kuro Sumi Tattoo Glove SIZE:22cm*20m QTY:about100 Sheet/box 100pcs/box 100pcs/box 5-10boxes:$2.50 11-50boxes:$2.4 51-100boxes:$2.20 1-10pcs:$1.35 11-50pcs:$1.28 +50pcs:$1.25 1-10boxes:$5.00 11-50boxes:4.80 51-100boxes:$4.55 100boxes+:$4.25 US$6.80 ACS077 ACS060 ACS061 ACS100 Disposable tattoo grip cover Tattoo repairing film Tattoo repairing film T2 Repairing Film adhesive dressing 10cm*1m 15cm*1m 15cm(wide)*500cm(Len gth)/Roll 1-10pcs:$1.30 21-50pcs:$1.20 51-200pcs:$1.10 200pcs+:$0.90 US$0.98 US$1.30 1-10roll:3.80usd 11-50roll: 3.70usd 51-100roll:3.60usd 100roll+:3.50usd

ACS098 ACS062 ACS056 ACS005 Skull Tattoo Clip Cord Sleeves Gray Red Rose Skull Clip Cord Sleeves Blue Rose Skull Tattoo Clip Cord Sleeves Machine Bags size: 50*800mm 125pcs/bag size: 50*800mm 125pcs/bag 100pcs/box Size:50*1500mm With Rubber band 100pcs/Bag 1-10box:$3.00 11-50box:$2.50 50box+:$2.00 US$2.00 US$2.92 US$4.20 ACS063 ACS077 ACS058 ACS057 Cheyenne hawk grip sleeves Disposable Tattoo Grip Cover Blue Skull Tattoo Wash Bottle Bags Blue Skull Tattoo Machine bags 100pcs/box 1-10pcs:$0.80 21-50pcs:$0.70 51-200pcs:$0.60 200pcs+:$0.50 200pcs/box 1-10pcs:$1.30 21-50pcs:$1.20 51-200pcs:$1.10 200pcs+:$0.90 Size:120*200mm Can use to 500ml 250ml wash bottle 1-10box:$1.1 11-50box:$1 over50box:$0.9 Size:130*140mm 1-10box:$1.4 11-50box:$1.3 over50box:$1.2 ACS084 ACS055 ACS050 IKB001 Tattoo Polyester Tape Medical tape Cheyenne Hawk grip sleeves Ink bottle 2.5cm*9m 100pcs/bag 120ml(4OZ) 5-10 roll:$0.63 11-50 roll:$0.59 51-200 roll:$0.56 US$0.085 US$1.85 US$0.28

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