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AVA Tattoo Supply Price list 2018 for Nico

ACI027A-1 ACI027A-2

ACI027A-1 ACI027A-2 ACI027B-1 ACI027B-2 Blue ink cups M size Blue ink cups L size Red ink cups S size Red ink cups M size 500pcs/bag 400pcs/bag 1000pcs/bag 500pcs/bag US$1.16 US$1.30 US$1.70 US$1.16 ACI027B-3 ACI027 ACI027-1 ACI027-2 Red ink cups L size Blue ink cup S size Blue ink cup M size Blue ink cup L size 400pcs/bag 9mm 1000pcs/bag 13mm 1000pcs/bag 15mm 1000pcs/bag US$1.30 US$1.50 US$1.95 US$2.60 ACI026 ACI025 ACI021 ACI020 New disposable tattoo ink cup 150PCS/bag New disposable tattoo ink cup 100PCS/bag New ink cap Ф20*17MM 500pcs/bag US$6.50 US$6.50 US$2.45 New ink cap M size Ф17*14MM 1000pcs/bag 5-10bag:$3.70 11-49bag:$3.50 50bag+:$3.28

ACI019A ACI019 ACI005 ACI004 New ink cap New ink cap S size Ink cup Ink cup Ф14x12mm 1000pcs/bag 5-10bag:$2.96 11-49bag:$2.70 50bag+:$2.56 Ф11x10mm 1000pcs/bag 5-10bag:$2.60 11-49bag:$2.40 50bag+:$2.20 MOQ:20pcs US$0.08 30.99*11.95mm 100pcs/Bag 5bags US$3.35 ACI003 ACI002 ACI001 ACI001-1 Clear Ink cup S Size Clear Ink cup M Size Clear Ink cup L Size Clear ink cup L Size 1000pcs/bag MOQ:5bags 1000pcs/bag MOQ:5bags 1000pcs/bag MOQ:5bags 400pcs/bag US$1.50 US$1.95 US$2.60 US$1.30 ACI002-1 ACI003-1 ACI011 ACI017 Clear ink cup M Size Clear ink cup S Size Skull Ink Holder Skull Ink Holder 500pcs/bag 1000pcs/bag US$1.16 US$1.70 US$1.65 US$1.68

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