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AVA Tattoo Supply Price list 2018 for Nico


Tattoo Accessories ACT058 NEW ACT061 ACT059 ACT045 Tattoo Cartridge needles holder 1-10pcs:$1.60 11-49pcs:$1.45 50pcs+:$1.35 Tattoo Pen Tray 5-10pcs:$1.80 11-30pcs:$1.40 31-100pcs:$1.20 100pcs+:$1.00 Mini SS Pen Holder 5-10pcs:$0.40 11-30pcs:$0.25 31-100pcs:$0.20 100pcs+:$0.18 Tattoo Ink Display Stand 5layer 1-10set:$7.1 11-50set:$6.5 50set+:$6.1 ACT043 ACT044 ACT041 ACT040 Tattoo Ink Display Stand 5 layer Tattoo Ink Display Stand 3 layer New Hexagon Wrench Set Tattoo Kit Shoulder Bag 6pcs/set 1-10set:$6.8 11-20set:$6.5 21set+: $5.8 5-20set:$4.2 21-50set:$3.9 51set+:$3.5 US$0.52 1-5pcs:$32.80 6-19pcs:$31.50 20pcs+:$30.50 ACT038 ACT037 ACT042 ACT034 Tattoo back steam US$0.15 Tattoo ink mixer machine US$85.00 Tattoo ink shaker 5pcs:$35 6-50pcs:$33.5 50pcs+:$31 Tattoo ink mixer US$2.50 ACT034-1 ACT034-2 ACT034-3 ACT033 Tattoo ink mixer Tattoo ink mixer Tattoo ink mixer Sharps box 1L US$2.50 US$2.50 US$2.50 US$0.95

ACT032 ACT031 ACT030 ACT029 Sharps box 1L Stainless steel pallet with holder Stainless steel pallet Tattoo light US$0.95 US$43.50 US$1.68 US$15.00 ACT026 ACT047 ACT067 ACT069 Led tattoo lamp Impulse Sealer for sterilization bagsImpulse Sealer for sterilization bags Tattoo Storage Box Material:Acrylic Size:115*175mm double head mark pen+rule US$5.00 1-10pcs:$8.60 11-50pcs:$8.20 50pcs+:$7.58 1-5pcs: $4.90 6-30pcs:$3.80 +30pcs:$3.40 US$0.82 ACT024 ACT024B ACT024R ACT024P Tattoo Penholder Tattoo Penholder Tattoo Penholder Tattoo Penholder US$0.56 US$0.56 US$0.56 US$0.56 ACT024G ACT025 KTX01 KTX02 Tattoo Penholder Tattoo pen White Aluminum Alloy Box Black Aluminum Alloy Box Available color: Black,Red,Blue,Green ,Purple MOQ:5PCS Size:31×24×23cm MOQ:5PCS Size:31×24×23cm US$0.56 US$0.18 1-5pcs:$6.20 6-29pcs:$5.90 30pcs+:$5.60 1-5pcs:$6.20 6-29pcs:$5.90 30pcs+:$5.60

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