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Frontiers and comfort zones.

A Letter from the Pyrenees

Like Calame

Like Calame and Carrive we chose our adventure. Like them we crossed frontiers both personal and geographic. Unlike them, however, we put ourselves in no danger. Sad to leave friends and family for such a long time, of course but we keep in touch with the help of every modern gadget going. Our challenges, remarkably, have been few, - mainly practical - opening a bank account, getting the phone connected, dealing with the electricity company. Personal goals are simple - keep fit, try to remember the names of the new people we meet, improve our French and assimilate the names of the flora a fauna here. We don’t get bored, and we learn something new every day. One of our favourite walks leads us along the frontier between France and Spain. From the neighbouring village of Lhers we climb to the Col de Saoubathou where the north facing slope arches over in a spectacular reflex angle to spin our view into the world on the other side. We turn west and continue along the ridge revelling in the luxury of vistas on both sides. It’s another great day out. But then we come across, at the Col de la Cuarde something man-made that, the first time I saw it, stopped me in my tracks. In essence, it is a monument to those who risked their lives to lead refugees of all nationalities, including German, to a safer place. Translation: The Way to Freedom The way to freedom is not always easy for those come from other parts. The agent (resistance) comforts his companion who, in these mountains, struggles, with fear and hope. At last - the ridge, and with one last effort - Spain! We stop. We read. We continue our walk, perhaps with just a little more humility. October 10th 2015 Carrive before the fall

Carrive before the fall

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