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BREAST AUGMENTATION AND LIFTS EXPLAINED PROCEDURE DAY On the day of your procedure, be sure to follow any pre-operative instructions that Dr. Quinn has provided, including dietary and medication requirements, such as not eating prior to surgery and either stopping or starting medications as indicated. Be sure to have someone available to drive you to and from your procedure, as you will receive general anesthesia, which will leave you groggy and unable to drive after surgery. Your surgery will last anywhere from one to several hours depending on the choices you and Dr. Quinn have made regarding your procedure. Before beginning, Dr. Quinn will review key factors regarding your specific choices. He will also mark your breasts before surgery in order to provide guidelines for incisions and also to confirm your choices. During surgery, Dr. Quinn will use the decisions you made during your consultation and pre-surgery appointments as a guide for the procedure. Whether you have chosen a lift, augmentation, or combination, Dr. Quinn will make the appropriate incisions and adjustments, including placing implants if they are part of your surgery. Once Dr. Quinn has completed your surgery, your recovery will begin. Be sure to understand your recovery routine and instructions prior to the day of your procedure. 14 | WWW.QUINNPLASTICSURGERY.COM

BREAST AUGMENTATION AND LIFTS EXPLAINED RECOVERY Our procedures are done on an outpatient basis, and you will go home the same day as your procedure. How long your recovery takes will depend on your individual situation, but recovery typically takes two to four weeks. Most women find that they need four days off from work in order to recuperate. It is ideal to arrange your schedule so that you won’t need to do any strenuous activity in the first few weeks after surgery, including lifting children or heavy groceries, going to the gym, or doing extensive yard or housework. Regardless of which procedure you choose — a lift, augmentation, or both — expect to refrain from lifting any more than 10 pounds during the first week after surgery, and no more than 25 pounds in the second week of recovery. During your consultation and after your procedure, Dr. Quinn will discuss your specific recovery needs with you. 15 | WWW.QUINNPLASTICSURGERY.COM

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