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BREAST AUGMENTATION AND LIFTS EXPLAINED LIFT OR AUGMENTATION? When choosing to improve the shape and appearance of your breasts, an important step is deciding if you need a lift, an augmentation, or both. The decision is a personal one, dependent on your goals and your desired look. Breast lifts and augmentation may be performed separately or may be combined, depending on the patient’s individual needs. While augmentation alone may be suitable for some patients, others may require augmentation with a lift to get the results they want. With more than 20 years’ experience as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Quinn is committed to assuring the best possible outcome for each patient. During your consultation, he will provide you with a custom treatment plan that meets your goals while addressing your unique needs. A breast lift, also called mastopexy, focuses on reshaping the breast by removing excess skin and repositioning the breast to a more normal position. Breast augmentation involves the insertion of either a silicone or saline implant to increase the volume of the breast. Augmentation not only increases the size of the breasts, but also will reshape the contour providing a fuller, shapelier look. 04 | WWW.QUINNPLASTICSURGERY.COM

BREAST AUGMENTATION AND LIFTS EXPLAINED THE LIFT TEST YOU CAN DO YOURSELF It can be disappointing if you come to our office seeking a breast augmentation and Dr. Quinn explains that to achieve a pleasing shape and perkiness, you’ll need a breast lift as well. Here’s a test you can do yourself to determine if you need an augmentation, or an augmentation with a lift. Standing in front of a mirror, look at your nipples in relation to the natural crease beneath your breasts. If your nipples are lower than your breast crease before surgery, adding implants without removing excess skin will only make them more saggy, and will only get worse with gravity over time. In this case, you will probably need a lift. 05 | WWW.QUINNPLASTICSURGERY.COM

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