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Dr. Quinn will also

Dr. Quinn will also discuss your overall health, your desired goals, and possible risks. Be sure to bring a list of questions or concerns to your consultation. For the best possible results, let Dr. Quinn know if you smoke, what medications you currently take, and if you have any pre-existing health conditions such as asthma or medication allergies. At Quinn Plastic Surgery, your satisfaction is our main concern. We want every patient to feel comfortable with the decision to undergo breast surgery. Dr. Quinn’s many years of experience enable him to provide each patient with a treatment approach that will lead to a positive surgical experience and natural-looking results. 08 | WWW.QUINNPLASTICSURGERY.COM

BREAST AUGMENTATION AND LIFTS EXPLAINED BREAST LIFT A breast lift is primarily beneficial for women who simply want to reshape their breasts without increasing the overall size. Many women choose a lift because they are happy with their current size, but not the current shape and position of their breasts. Over time, breast tissue and the skin over the breasts can become loose, causing the breasts to sag and appear poorly shaped and poorly positioned. These problems can be corrected through a one- to three-hour breast lift procedure in which Dr. Quinn will remove extra skin tissue and reshape the breasts. This procedure will provide a younger, perkier, fuller bust without dramatically increasing the size. 09 | WWW.QUINNPLASTICSURGERY.COM

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