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Amazon Prep & Trans Manual

Amazon Prep & Trans

North American Vendor Shipment Preparation and Transportation Manual Last updated 30 th May 2016 The North American Vendor Shipment Prep and Transportation Manual provides Amazon’s Vendor partners with information, best practice guidelines and requirements regarding fulfilling, preparing (i.e. picking, packing, etc.) and transporting Purchase Orders to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers (FCs). The policies and procedures described in this manual are intended to maximize operational efficiencies and maintain the highest safety and quality standards for both Amazon and our vendors. To ensure that these goals are met, please follow the guidelines at all times. Please note that failure to comply with the requirements may cause a delay in receipt of your goods, delay in payment and / or result in a chargeback The shipping to Amazon Playbook is a wealth of information in only 30+ pages to not only avoid chargebacks, but also to increase sales, improve the flow of goods through our network and increase your product's speed to market, get paid timely and accurately and comply with the Amazon requirements that allows our competitive advantage to work to grow your company, Where else can you find a more powerful document? Save this to your browser favorites as the latest version of this file can be found at Resource Center, Operations, North American Vendor Shipment Guidelines, NA Vendor Prep and Trans Manual.

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