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The building is formed

The building is formed by three different volumes, placed in the hill. The way they are stacked and overlapping, accentuates this hill. Each volume has a designated function. These functions are an office building, a research Centre and an auditorium. These three volumes are connected by the archive which is underground. THE ARCHIVE OF GERMAN LITERATURE enfilade of the entrence building

Entrace Hall

LID - Water Environment Association of Texas
Tuesday 1 - Saturday 5 March 2016
Volume 7, Number 1, Fall 2003 - North Carolina A&T State University
Archie Archives Volume 1 (Dark Horse Archives)
Life - Harding University Digital Archives
Room: Auditorium 2 - HRK nexus
Auditorium, librAry And Archives cAnAdA, ottAwA 1–7 sept ... - Pragda
03.03 > 07.03.2008 - Christian Kieckens Architects
Robin Hood Gardens Blackwall Reach - Wild Search
Boston International Holiday 2016
Surface Preparation Catalog | The E.J. Welch Company
March 2010, Volume 6, Number 2 - - Alberta ...