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Business Incentives in

Business Incentives in Turkey Local and foreign investors can benefit from incentives equally in Turkey. There are 4 types of investment schemes in the incentive system of Turkey, which are: • General Investment Incentives • Regional Investment Incentives • Large Scale Investment Incentives • Strategic Investment Incentives There are several support instruments for investment schemes including VAT exemption, customs duty exemption and tax deduction. Whole list of support instruments that may be used for a specific investment scheme taken from Investment Guide published by Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey ( can be found in the following table: * Provided that the investment is made in Region 6. ** Provided that the investment is made in Regions 3, 4, 5 or 6 within the framework of the Regional Investment Incentives Scheme. *** For construction expenditures of strategic investments with a minimum fixed investment amount of TRY 500 million

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