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To exemplify, Region

To exemplify, Region 5-level investment in a joint investment partnership can benefit from 2% tax rate, which is reduced tax rate for region 6-level investments. Aforementioned investment subjects and minimum investment amounts can be found in the table below: Strategic Investment Incentives Four conditions are required to benefit from strategic investment incentives, which are listed below: • The local production capacity for the product to be manufactured by investment should be less than the import of the product. • The minimum fixed investment amount for the investment should be TRY 50 million. • The investment should create at least 40% added value. (This condition is not required for refinery and petrochemical investments) • Total import value for the product to be produced should be at least USD 50 Million in the last year. (These conditions are not required for non-domestic goods.)

Investments covering these conditions can be supported by the following incentives mentioned in the table below: * SSPS: Social Security Premium Support

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