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Sector Guidelines Energy

Sector Guidelines Energy Sector Turkey has been experiencing rapid demand growth in all segments of the energy sector for decades. Over the last decade, Turkey has been the second country, after China, in terms of natural gas and electricity demand growth. Projections show that demand growth trend will continue. The limits of Turkey’s domestic energy sources in light of its growing energy demand have resulted in dependency on energy imports, primarily of oil and gas. At present, around 25% of the total energy demand is being met by domestic resources, while the rest is being provided from a diversified portfolio of imports The primary aim of Turkey is to realize its own energy security. To this end, Turkey aims to • diversify its energy supply routes and source countries, • increase the share of renewables and include the nuclear in its energy mix, • take significant steps to increase energy efficiency, • contribute to Europe’s energy security. • The Turkish governments provides specific incentives for electricity generation investments based on renewable energy sources, which is listed below: • 100% exemption from Customs Duty and VAT • 10-year Tariff Guarantee (FiT) application • Network connection priorities • Lower license fees • License exemption in exceptional circumstances • Various practical ease for project preparation and • land acquisition