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Tax Consultancy Our tax

Tax Consultancy Our tax consultancy services address to guidance, information, and problem-solving purposes with respect to regulations and implementation as per the following issues: • Tax review consultancy • Tax dispute consultancy • Providing tax consultancy service both for organizations and real entities by making oral and written statements on necessary subjects with respect to practices about tax laws • Discussing tax planning possibilities concerning corporate tax, income tax and other taxes • Preparing working reports related with incentive and support factors in sectoral subjects • Evaluate agreements to be drawn up by company with third parties in terms of compliance with tax laws • Preparing reports and information notes including solutions and advices on issues determined as a result of auditing studies • Providing assistance in control of year-end tax calculations and financial statements and issue of corporate and income tax statements • Ensuring performance of acquisition, transfer, division, and liquidation processes • Tax consultancy related with free zone practices • Tax consultancy with respect to organized industrial zone practices • Tax consultancy with respect to Technology development zones • Following-up and realizing public debts suspension (postponement) and instalment requests Indirect Tax Consultancy Our services provided in this context can be outlined as follows: • Improvement of reporting associated with indirect taxes • Cost controlling • Management of indirect taxes in compliance with the relevant legislation • Determination and implementation of refunds, exemptions and exceptions which may possibly be benefited

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