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culture There’s nothing better than going to the beach on a beautiful summer day with the sun shining, the nice beachy-breeze, and, most importantly, a nice new book to enjoy. There are so many new books to enjoy in 2018 but you don’t have to feel restrained to the new, as the old is also intriguing. The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin Question of the day: Is there such a thing as knowing too much? That’s what four siblings have to grapple with in this inventive novel that begins with a psychic telling of the precise date the Gold children’s death. The novel follows these siblings through their disparate adulthoods as the choices they’ve made with the ticking clock of death in mind. Raising quandaries about predetermination and the nature of self-fulfilling prophesies, this is a mustread book! Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler This lush, high-adrenaline novel will have you craving oysters and a fine wine. It follows Tess, a 22 year old waitress-in-training at on of New York City’s most famed restaurants, and her education is not only developing her palate, but also acclimating to her demanding, chaotic, and sexually charged work environment. 10

Summer Reading Summer Lovin’ The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker This book beautifully illustrates a deeply collaborative friendship between former college roommates. Their decade-long artistic bond is actualized when they release a movie that later becomes critically acclaimed. As success begins to wrap their friendship, friction arises, with questions of doubt and legitimacy. The Flame by Leonard Cohen Shortly before his passing in late 2016, beloved singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen sat down to assemble this collection of previously unpublished poems , selections from his private notebooks, and song lyrics from his extensive musical career. Completed just days before his death, the book represents not just a portion of Cohen’s voluminous life’s work, but also a window into the mind of an exceptional artist.

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